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Located in both France and the UK, the High Point Holidays team is a great mix of youth, enthusiasm and experience, with a common factor: a genuine passion for its destinations. We are travel enthusiasts and have our own specialities, passions and insights! Whether it is planning and managing tailor-made trips, group adventures, hikes or even VIP experiences, we’ll blend our knowledge and passion to craft an exceptional journey that’s right for you!

Originally hailing from Dorset, William embarked on a new adventure when he, along with his family, left England for Beaujolais in 2003. During his time in France, he ventured into the hills and mountains, overseeing numerous walkers and meticulously evaluating and endorsing our products. Today, William's attention is firmly set on the company's growth and the effective management of our dedicated team.

CEO, founder

Stephen, our Business Developer from New Zealand, has been working in the tourism industry for 10 years. His love for travel and people stems from his twenties when he was traveling and living overseas in countries like New Guinea, The United States, Kenya, Pakistan... and finally set foot in France, in the Beaujolais region.

Business Developer

Our hiking expert for France and the UK clearly has a passion for planning outdoor holidays, especially hiking trips. In her free time, she enjoys exploring cities, admiring landscapes, and expanding her knowledge about the world (she was even a horseback riding guide in Pentagonia for 6 months!). She is currently undergoing mountain guide training.

Travel planner and Walking Expert

Elise is a passionate outdoor enthusiast with a love for activities like trail running, hiking, and surfing. She meticulously plans her holidays around these adventures. Her deep connection with nature drives her to explore new places at a leisurely pace, often veering off the beaten track. In the near future, she aspires to conquer the 900 km-long GR10 trail in the Pyrenees over a span of 7 weeks.

Walking Expert

With over 7 years of experience in communication and B2B event management, Sarah is an expert in orchestrating high-end trips, managing VIP clients, and handling group logistics. In addition to daily team management, Sarah oversees the company's communication strategy. Her passion for France and the UK drives her to create incredible experiences for our clients.


Sales & Marketing Manager

Our British Travel Planner cultivated a profound passion for the French Alps, a commitment that led her to establish her permanent residence here, a testament to her adventurous and unwavering enthusiasm. Jane will captivate you with delightful anecdotes and rich historical insights about her homeland, providing you with a complete and authentic British experience!

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Travel Planner

Justine was born in Australia and grew up surfing on the world-famous Manly Beach. Her global travels eventually led her to Canada, where her profound appreciation for mountainous landscapes took root. She now shares her time between the Alps (driven by her love for skiing, climbing, and, of course, savouring culinary experiences) and the United Kingdom.

Travel Planner

Claire spent a decade immersing herself in the vibrant culture and picturesque landscapes of Ireland. During her stay, she had the opportunity to explore charming locations such as Cork, Athlone, and Galway. Her penchant for connecting with people further enrich her ability to provide valuable travel insights. If you're a fellow dance enthusiast, you'll find a perfect match in Claire!

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Travel Planner

Meet Neil, our Scottish expert, born and raised amidst the captivating landscapes of Scotland. Neil's wanderlust has taken him to diverse corners of the globe, but his heart remains firmly rooted in his Scottish heritage. With a deep passion for both music and rugby, Neil brings a unique blend of cultural and sporting insights to our team. His intimate knowledge of Scotland, especially its hidden gems off the beaten track, makes him a remarkable resource for crafting unforgettable experiences.

Travel Planner

Fanny, your French Local Planner, ignited her passion for exploration during an internship in Lapland at the age of 20. Since then, her journey has carried her across the globe and through various regions of France, from the picturesque coasts of Brittany and the vibrant Basque Country to the lofty peaks of the French Alps and the bustling city of Lyon. Fanny continues to embrace travel whenever possible, sharing her unique insights to craft extraordinary holiday experiences.

Travel Planner

Marianna hails from Southern Italy but now considers the French Riviera her home. Her profound passion for travel has been honed through diverse international experiences, which have sharpened her professional trip-planning skills. Her Italian heritage is a unique strength within our team.

Travel Planner

Celina, our dynamic Operations Manager, is celebrated for her meticulous and thoughtful approach. With extensive experience acquired from renowned high-end hotels in Paris, she brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. Having explored the world and spent an entire year in California, Celina's global perspective and unwavering attention to detail are invaluable in ensuring exceptional travel experiences. She also works closely with our partners, building strong and productive working relationships.

Head of Operations

Eva, our dedicated Field Operations Coordinator hailing from Beaujolais, brings both warmth and professionalism to our team. With an eye for detail and an ability to navigate challenges effectively, Eva ensures our operations run smoothly.

Field Operations Coordinator

Our Operations Assistant is renowned for her unwavering positive energy and exceptional dedication to her work. With a passion for horseback riding, hiking, and urban exploration, she finds joy in life's simplest pleasures. Her meticulous attention to detail is reflected in her roadbooks, where she artfully incorporates delightful touches to create unforgettable experiences for our travelers.

Operations Assistant

Our dedicated Operations Assistant from Bourg-en-Bresse, is known for her effectiveness and attention to detail. With a background in the hotel industry, she brings valuable expertise to our team. Her passion for horses extends to show jumping, and she takes pride in her beautiful brown horse, Django.

Operations Assistant

Véronique brings a wealth of administrative expertise to our team. Her background includes roles as an executive assistant and an English teacher in primary schools. Notably, she holds cherished travel memories, including a family road trip along the West Coast of the United States.

Administration & Office Manager


Join our multicultural and passionate team to experience engaging discussions, valuable insights, and flexible work options – hybrid or remote setup are possible, although we highly encourage on-site collaboration with the team. Revel in a dynamic atmosphere that nurtures personal and professional growth, encourages creativity, and, of course, shares a profound love for travel and connecting with people.

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