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Meet Claire : our Ireland Expert

Meet Claire, a multicultural and adventurous travel planner from the Beaujolais region, with a background in law, offers clients a structured approach to trip planning while infusing surprises and local experiences, drawing from her extensive knowledge and immersive years spent in Ireland, and is fluent in French, English, Spanish, and the language of Salsa Dance.

Discovering Normandy's D-Day Sites: A Journey into World War II History

If you are interested in retracing the footsteps of the courageous British, American, Canadian, and 177 French riflemen, Normandy offers numerous poignant and impressive sites that provide a glimpse into this pivotal moment in history.

Meet Jane our mountain loving adventurer

Meet Jane, our mountain-loving adventurer and expert Travel Planner for the UK, Normandy and Paris. She will invite you to experience fairy-tale sunsets and discover the cosiest villages in Britain!

Biking In France with Clement

Last September, I left my family and life to undertake a biking tour across southern Europe from La Rochelle on the west coast of France to Slovenia. In this blog I'm going to talk specifically about the my biking in France odessey.......

Review of One Woman Walks Wales 24/03/18

In 2011 Ursula Martin was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, stage 1A.  By 2012, following surgery and follow-up treatment she was feeling very lucky...

Review of Britain's Best Small Hills 11/12/17

I really like the premise of the book; that is providing easy walks with interest to encourage people to get outdoors and mobile....

Looking for Clues 11/05/17

When do you enjoy going for a walk, in a spare moment, at weekends or maybe just holidays? Do you walk to achieve something, like walking a long distance trail or walking up a mountain. Or do you like a casual ramble where the joy is in the scenery or just the act of walking itself? In his book The Walker's Guide to Outdoor Clues & Signs ...

Going Underground 12/04/17

On our walking holidays we follow many ancient trails across the various landscapes of France and the UK. But you can also explore underground, where both ancient man and animals have sheltered. Here’s just a few of the many caves that nature has created and humans have explored...


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