Meet Claire: Our Ireland Expert

HPH News - 28/02/2024

Posted by William, 28th February 2024

Claire is from the charming Beaujolais region in France; however, her upbringing was anything but ordinary. Growing up in a multicultural family with an Italian mother and a French father, she developed a unique perspective on life. She studied law, which explains her rigorous and structured approach to trip planning, but she is the epitome of fun and adventure. Her love for the English language and people has taken her on numerous trips, including a decade-long escapade in Ireland, where she immersed herself in the astonishing cities of Cork, Athlone, and Galway. 

As your Travel Planner for Ireland, Claire always strives to surprise her clients and put herself in the shoes of a local, providing detailed advice and suggestions to make their holiday feel like Claire is with them every step of the way. Don't be surprised if she suggests riding an e-bike during your trip as a fun activity - after all, she's an avid cyclist! Also, if you feel like conversing in French, English, or even Spanish, don't be scared because she is perfectly capable of keeping up in all three languages. She's even fluent in the language of Salsa Dance! 

Her Last Trip 

A thrilling road trip from Cork to Kerry in Ireland. As soon as the sun made its appearance, she and her friend seized the car keys, grabbed their surfboards, and set off, with lively Brazilian music serenading them for hours. 

Her Dream Destination 

Cuba holds a special place in Claire's heart. Its rich culture and kind population have always captivated her. Driven by her desire to experience the human side of travel and embrace open-mindedness, she's drawn to this tropical heaven. 

A Memorable Experience 

"I did the Camino Frances alone, hiking for five weeks from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Santiago de Compostela. Walking for such an extended period allowed me to truly listen to my body and take care of it. It was a time of profound reflection and marvelling at the breathtaking landscapes. Along the way, I encountered countless kind-hearted individuals, which made the journey all the more touching."

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