Soak up the timeless charm of England, where history blends with modern sophistication for a truly unique journey. Whether you are a family in search of adventure, an aficionado of England’s renowned teas or ales, an admirer of its breathtaking natural beauty, a history buff, or someone looking to walk in the footsteps of literary giants, England offers an incredibly diverse range of experiences to suit everyone’s pursuits.

Let High Point Holidays be your expert guides as we organise your bespoke journey through England’s finest treasures. We’ll personally handpick the places and experiences that best align with your interests to create a truly exceptional adventure. Make your journey an unforgettable one with High Point Holidays, where our expert guidance and hands-on trip planners work hard to ensure every moment of your trip is truly unforgettable.

Welcome to England!

" Embrace England's warm welcome and savour a cup of tea or a pint of real ale. With High Point Holidays, every journey is steeped in charm and seasoned with delightful unpredictability! "

Jane, Local Expert

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England ?

England is a remarkable destination whose rich history, iconic landmarks, beautiful landscapes and friendly locals have long enticed travellers from all over the world. From the allure of captivating castles to the mysteries of archaeological wonders, the charm of twee country villages to the vibrancy of cosmopolitan cities, England’s profound legacy is on show no matter where you go and what you choose to do in this wonderful country.

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England offers an ideal setting for walking, boasting diverse national parks, tranquil hills, stunning beaches, and picturesque lakes. Since its establishment in 2007, High Point Holidays has been crafting and organizing self-guided walking holidays enriched with authentic local experiences. Our founder, William Armstrong, a seasoned hiking expert, personally evaluates and approves each of our hikes, guaranteeing you an exceptional and unforgettable journey.

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From shopping local and seasonal products at the farmers’ market to enjoying the finest Sunday roasts at the pub, British cuisine is full of surprises and treasures to suit all tastes and budgets! Here is a selection from our team:

Beef Wellington


Fish & Chips


Cornish Pasty


Eton Mess


Victoria Sponge


Afternoon Tea


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Boutique hotels, unique lodgings, and authentic houses... our team will carefully handpick your accommodations while traveling with us

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a full-service Tour Operator and our trips generally include:

accommodation, transportation, visits, immersive experiences, personal crafting, unique roadbook creation and assistance on the ground (meals & flights excluded). Please note that this trip price will vary based on factors such as your hotel preferences, your favourite transportation mode, whether you want to take part in shared group activities or private experiences, travel dates, and more. To receive a customized quote for your tailor-made trip, please reach out to us directly.