High Point Holidays is an independent tour operator creating unique and authentic trips in Europe, with a focus on France, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Our tailor-made immersive tours, fashioned to inspire and uplift, are crafted from what you tell us about your interests, passions, and sensibilities. From our creation in 2007, we have specialised in slow travel with a range of walking holidays that let you truly experience a region and what makes it special. Our offices are based in Dorset, UK, and the Beaujolais region of France.


We promise to give you an unparalleled level of commitment so you can enjoy an authentic and memorable experience in Europe. It will simply be the High Point of your year!

One team, two headquarters,
countless adventures!

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William Armstrong
William Armstrong



William, the founder of High Point Holidays explains the Story so far

In late 2007 I founded High Point Holidays, with my late father, a project which was born from a shared passion for the outdoors and a conviction that shared experiences through travel could be a motor for respecting diverse cultures. It was also a coming together of my two homes, the UK where I grew up and my adopted home, France. Over the following years, with the help of my dad and then my brother we sought to cultivate a unique style of voyage where our customers, would experience, at their own pace, beautiful off-the-beaten track destinations, overlooked by other companies.


High Point Holidays, A family Story

Right from the word go, our customers bought in to our somewhat niche and quirky walking holiday experiences, delighting in the personalised touches, the home-from-home welcome at the guest houses, the quiet trails, and the delicious home-cooked meals. I am very proud that many customers have chosen to entrust us with organising their holidays year after year. This, I believe, is because we have not wavered in our values and our approach to creating unique holiday experiences.

Like all holiday businesses the start of the decade brought with it the COVID-19 pandemic and a near stop to all travel. At High Point Holidays we took the opportunity to review how we should develop our activities over the coming years.

In late 2021 I was delighted to be joined by Stephen Molloy to give a fresh impetus to the company, broadening the range of holiday experiences we offer, but at the same time reaffirming our commitment to unique and authentic journeys. To do this we are carefully building a team of passionate and dedicated local travel experts both in France and the UK. Our team has diverse backgrounds, and experiences, ensuring we can respond to all manner of requests.

Our core values guide us in our everyday work and this, I feel, is best served by remaining a small independent holiday company. We started life as a family business and, although High Point Holidays has evolved over the years, I'm dedicated to keeping a family feel within the team so that we remain a warm and friendly place to work, where everyone's focus is on achieving maximum customer satisfaction.

two men in a village
two men in a village

high point's Guiding values

High Point Holidays is dedicated to creating unique and spiritually enriching experiences that respect and strengthen local traditions, ultimately providing fulfilling and authentic adventures.


core values:



We are all different, so why experience the same holiday as someone else? At High Point Holiday we take the time to understand your personality, your preferences, your interests and hobbies, to craft a unique holiday that is right for you (and no one else).


Each country, region, town has its own distinctive identity, whether it’s the language, architecture, festivals, food and drink, or way of life. We venture beyond the well-trodden paths to unveil surprising and authentic experiences, enabling you to fully immerse yourself in local lifestyles and engage with local people.


Respect is fundamental to our vision, and it encompasses all aspects of how we create , organise and run your holidays. Respect between us, you and our local partners is vital to ensure a smoothly run trip. We choose lodgings, activities and (where possible) transport that respect the local environment, its people, history, culture, and traditions, ensuring they are justly valued and preserved.

Focus on substainable tourism

High Point Holidays