Meet Jane: Mountain Loving Adventurer

HPH News - 28/02/2024

Posted by William, 28th February 2024

Jane hails from the heart of England, in the county of Staffordshire, where the green hills roll on for miles. However, after countless memorable holidays skiing and horseback riding in the French Alps she now shares her time between her two favourite countries. 

With her years of experience in tourism, Jane is the perfect person to be your Travel Planner for England, Scotland, Wales and France. She is a real mountain lover, and practically a walking encyclopedia when it comes to outdoor sports such as hiking, skiing and mountain biking. If you plan to explore the great outdoors, she will be more than happy to show you the best spots! 

If you are an adventurer, just ask Jane for tips:  she is always up for a challenge.

Her Last Trip 

In Annecy, Haute Savoie she checked into a Hotel Spa Resort and immediately felt like royalty. From the balcony of her room, she watched the sun dip behind the lake, casting a golden glow over the jagged peaks of the mountains. It was like something out of a fairy-tale! When she returns to England, she spends her days with her family, exploring quaint little villages and taking leisurely strolls with her faithful furry companion. 

Her Dream Destination

The Great Wall of China. She is in awe of all the hard work that went into building it and the impressive structure that still stands today. 

A Memorable Experience 

"A memorable experience I had whilst travelling in Ireland, was on a boating holiday. I was boating along the Shannon Erne Waterway. We moored at Keshcarrigan marina, and we were met by a dog with a large name tag. His name was captain. The dog walked ahead of us and led us along a pathway and up onto the hillside. Captain sat with us for a while admiring the view. He then stood up and we followed him back to the marina, via the local pub 'Gerties Bar'."

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