From the ‘Grand Place’ to ‘le Champs’ experience a short winter break of festive spirit, twinkling lights, and the delightful aroma of Christmas holiday treats. Spend this enchanting winter holiday blending the culinary delights and festive spirit of Paris and Brussels, and not forgetting the timeless charm of Bruges. As the crisp winter air sets in, you'll find yourself immersed in a world of gastronomic wonders and seasonal celebrations.


Day By day

Explore the city and its Christmas Market

Welcome to Brussels, the capital of Belgium as you kick off your winter city break in style.  You'll immediately be captivated by the city's enchanting winter holiday decorations. After checking into your charming hotel, rendezvous at the Grand-Place, adorned with festive lights, where you can savour a hearty Belgian stew at a charming bistro. Following your exploration of the bustling Christmas markets, join local guide Christophe for a stroll through Brussels' cobblestone streets, ancient cathedrals, and centuries-old cafes. From Roman legacies to Rubens' artistry, and from Napoleon's influence to modern-day EU, Belgium's and Brussel's captivating history unfolds before you. Overnight: Brussels

Beer & Chocolate Delights

Kickstart your day with a sumptuous Belgian breakfast, preparing you for a day filled with holiday delights. Join a Beer & Chocolate Tour, immersing yourselves in the world of Belgian chocolates and top-notch beers. Taste a variety of flavours and delve into local culture, including the sampling of Trappist ales and abbey beers. Take a romantic evening stroll along beautifully lit streets, fully embracing the enchanting festive atmosphere. Overnight: Brussels

A Medieval Canal City

The Belgium leg of your winter city getaway continues as you hop on a local train for a day trip to the medieval gem of Bruges. Visit the Bruges Belfry for breathtaking views and immerse yourself in the enchantment of Markt Square. Often referred to as the 'Venice of the North,' Bruges effortlessly transports you into a medieval fairy tale. A serene canal boat ride reveals the city's architectural wonders, while its artistic heritage, including works by Jan van Eyck and Hans Memling, awaits in splendid museums. Indulge in a leisurely lunch at a canal-side restaurant, savoring authentic Belgian “moules frites”. As the sun sets, return to Brussels for a romantic dinner at a local brasserie, complete with a delightful waffle for dessert! Overnight: Brussels

Welcome to Paris, the City of Lights

Say farewell to Brussels as your high-speed train whisks you effortlessly to Paris, the capital of France where you'll be welcomed by the city's mesmerizing lights and the joyful Christmas holiday spirit. Check-in at your hotel and commence your exploration of the City of Lights with a cultural journey. The Louvre, housing an unparalleled collection of art and historical treasures, offers an immersive experience through human creativity and culture. Our knowledgeable tour guide will provide context and inspire your visit. In the afternoon, ascend the iconic Eiffel Tower for the best panoramic views of Paris. As night falls, embark on a romantic Seine River dinner cruise, serenaded by live music and surrounded by the enchanting winter city lights. Overnight: Paris

Parisian Culture & Christmas Markets

Immerse yourselves in Parisian culture with a visit to Montmartre, exploring its lively streets above the iconic Moulin Rouge. Take in the expansive views, and savour a leisurely lunch at a traditional bistro, indulging in escargot and coq au vin or opting for a portrait by a local artist. In the late afternoon, join your guide for a unique Christmas-themed tour. Stroll past the stunning Christmas decorations at Galeries Lafayette, a Parisian institution. Their animated window displays against a lit facade are a joy to behold. Don't miss the Christmas tree beneath the magnificent 42-meter glass cupola in the Art Nouveau style. Nearby, at the Printemps department store, 11 enchanting windows showcase changing yearly themes. As the evening approaches, attend a world-class ballet, show, or opera performance, followed by a late-night dessert and champagne at a renowned Parisian café. Overnight: Paris

A Parisian Farewell

Sadly your European winter city break draws to a close but not before one last authentic Parisian breakfast, delighting in croissants and freshly baked baguettes at a charming café. Then our chauffeur will take you to the airport or train station for your onward journey marking the end of this wonderful Christmas adventure.


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“This winter trip is absolutely fantastic as these European cities shine just as brightly in winter as they do in summer, creating a magical atmosphere. I highly recommend visiting Paris and Brussels when they're adorned with stunning holiday decorations! Bruges is the true gem of this journey, offering something truly unique that you won't find anywhere else in the world!”

Stephen, Local Expert



Our guides were very knowledgeable and personable. Hotels were nice. Both countries were beautiful with amazing architecture!
Christy H.


In general, it was a great experience. It was great that you checked in with us. Even though all went smoothly, it was very reassuring to know that your team would help if we had a snag. We remarked several times "Jane really knows us!" as we discovered a new place or hotel. You really met our expectations and we will be using this organization again for sure.
Mike A.

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