Our exclusive signature trip invites you to explore the enchanting winter traditions of France and Italy on a journey through the heart of the Alps.
Discover the fusion of local alpine traditions and breathtaking landscapes on a 12-day winter journey through France and Italy. From the Venetian charm of Annecy to the husky-filled trails of Briançon, immerse yourself in unique local experiences. Explore the wonders of the National Park of Queyras, hike to a mountain refuge in Saint-Véran, and become a Master Chocolatier in Turin. Discover your photography skills in Chamonix and embark on a magical train ride surrounded by dramatic snow-clad Alpine peaks. Finish your journey with a forest fondue under the winter stars.
Whether you're an avid winter sports enthusiast or simply a lover of scenic snowscapes, this active trip is designed for all levels of adventurers. It's an opportunity for everyone to explore and experience the unique winter holiday celebrations in France and Italy! 


Day By day

Welcome to The Venice of the Alps

Your winter tales adventure begins in Switzerland! Arrive in Geneva, pick up your rental car at the airport, and then drive to Annecy in France (one-hour drive). Known as 'The Venice of the Alps,' Annecy is a serene town in Eastern France, renowned for its blue lake fed by mountain springs and picturesque canals. The town, with its cobblestone streets, colourful houses, and clear waters, leaves an indelible impression. During the winter holidays, Annecy transforms into a festive wonderland with charming Christmas markets, twinkling lights, a joyful atmosphere, and the ubiquitous presence of 'Raclette' cheese, adding to the enchantment. The glow of snow-clad mountains all around, illuminated by moonlight puts the final touches to this beautiful winter alpine scene. Overnight: Annecy

Snow Hike to Your Igloo!

Wake up early to get to know Annecy's culinary specialties. Today, join a visit to a local liquor distillery, where you'll spend an hour discovering the process of creating local spirits. Afterward, take part in a tasting accompanied by charcuterie and cheese from local producers. Enjoy the rest of the day strolling through Annecy's streets before embarking on a truly unique experience! Tonight, don your snowshoes for a hike departing from Mount Semnoz. Walking with a mountain guide, feel the snow crunch under your feet under the sparkle of your torches, as you set out for your special, once-in-a-lifetime accommodation. You'll stay the night in igloos! Enjoy a convivial, festive night with your fellow adventurers under the stars of the Alps before snuggling down in your icy home, protected from the fresh alpine night air.  Overnight: Mount Semnoz

Befriend huskies

Wake to the silence of Alpine mountains blanketed in snow, beautiful in the first light of day. Enjoy a friendly breakfast at the bivouac, contemplating the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains clad in their winter snow cover. Your next destination is Briançon, a 3-hour drive heading south through the French Alps. On the way, make a stop in Vallée de la Clarée for a husky dog-guided stroll. Depending on the group size, you'll have the opportunity to meet 6 to 10 dogs made up of various husky breeds. Get to know your furry companions as you walk through magnificent Alpine scenery. Back in the village warm up with a reviving chocolat chaud and then it's on to Briançon, where you can unwind in your splendid hotel with a spa resort. Overnight: Briançon

Discover the city with a licensed guide

Welcome to one of the most famous fortified cities in France, let alone the Alps! Briançon is a testament to incredible architectural and technical skills from the 17th and 18th centuries. The construction was directed by Vauban, a well-known engineer under King Louis XIV. Learn more about this story with your guide for the day, who will take you on a journey through time. In the evening, savour a local Savoy specialty: raclette made with melted cheese, charcuterie, and potatoes, a winter dish loved by the French! Overnight: Briançon

Bath in natural hot springs

A short drive takes you into the beautiful Queyras Regional Park, nestled in the French Alps at the Italian border. In the summer the Queyras range of accessible mountain passes and summits linked by good trails make this unspoiled region a paradise for walkers wishing to have a real high alpine experience. Take a look at our hiking tour of the Queyras to find out more and see more photos. Enjoying 300 days of sunshine a year, it is also a unique Alpine region, often overlooked by tourists where you're almost guaranteed great weather in winter and summer alike. On your way to the Queyras, stop for a thermal bath at Le Plan du Phazy, where natural hot springs have formed small pools over time, so don't forget to pack your swimsuit! Then explore the valley and its unforgettable landscapes before reaching Saint-Véran, the highest permanently inhabited village in Europe, a beautiful location for the next three nights of your winter adventure in the Alps. Home to unique architecture, walk through Saint Veran's historic streets lined with larch-built houses that have little changed for hundreds of years. There, you will stay in an incredible hotel with views of the snow-covered alpine mountains with access to a spa. Overnight: Saint-Veran

Head to a mountain refuge

Another incredible winter day in the Queyras awaits you! Put on your snowshoes once again and set out for a hike to Refuge de la Blanche, nestled at 2500m next to a small lake with sheer Alpine peaks rising beyond. There, you will be welcomed with a warm traditional French winter meal to reward you for your efforts or, as we say in French, 'Après l'effort, le réconfort' (After the effort, the reward). Once you have rested and enjoyed the breathtaking alpine panoramas, head back to Saint-Véran, taking the time to appreciate the stunning views of the snowy forests and mountains and look out for ibex and chamois on your way. Overnight: Saint-Véran

Active Winter Experience

Today on your personalised winter tour of the Alps, we can arrange two different activities based on your preferences. For adventure enthusiasts, hop on a fat e-bike and explore some of the narrowest paths in the Queyras. If you're seeking a calmer yet unique experience, you can alternatively try biathlon (winter sport combining cross-country skiing and rifle shooting)! Both activities offer a chance to view the Queyras from a different angle, with its villages of wooden houses, towering peaks, and deep gorges. Saint Véran also has a small winter ski resort so, if you don’t fancy either of these activities you can always take to the slopes. Overnight: Saint-Véran

On the road to Italy!

Depart early from Saint-Véran in France for Turin, the capital of the Italian Piedmont region (a 3-hour drive). En route, make a stop at Montgenèvre, a renowned winter ski resort in the area. Enjoy breakfast or a Savoyard meal. If you're a skiing enthusiast, consider extending your stay for one or two more nights here to make the most of the ski station! Before reaching Turin, visit the Sacra di San Michele, an abbey nestled on a peak above the clouds—an exceptional experience that will leave you in awe. In the evening, wander through Turin's streets, particularly Via Roma, with its bookshops, chocolate shops, and shopping arcades. Overnight: Turin

Become a maestro cioccolatiere

Turin in northern Italy in the shadow of the Alps is renowned for its chocolate, where cacao is also referred to as the 'food of the Gods.' Embark on a fabulous adventure to discover the secrets of its fabrication and join a workshop to create some yourself! As the tour lasts the whole day, lunch is even included in a famous restaurant, as well as a coffee break in a coffee shop in the city center. This will allow you to taste real Italian coffee! It's a perfect activity to add a cozy feeling to your winter alpine holiday! Overnight: Turin

Exercise your photography skills back in France

On your winter adventure, it's time to head to Chamonix, back in France, one of the most famous villages and ski resorts in the French Alps. After a 3-hour and 30-minute drive, meet your guide, Teresa, for a photography walk around Chamonix's unique neighbourhoods and hamlets. No specific photography talent is required; Teresa is here to transform you into an artist! Later, relish a few hours of skiing on the slopes of Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in France, and if you desire, consider extending your stay in Chamonix for additional days on the slopes. Overnight: Chamonix

Embark on a magical train ride

Hopefully, you aren't afraid of heights! Today will be remarkable and full of thrills. First, take a cable car to the Aiguille du Midi at 3800m, offering breathtaking views of Mont Blanc, the highest summit in western Europe and the surrounding peaks and glaciers. Upon your return to Chamonix, board the famous red train that connects Chamonix to Montenvers. During your 20-minute ride, marvel at the Mer de Glace Glacier, snowy summits, and sheer rock walls that rise in all directions, famous the world over for mountain adventures. Take some time to relish the winter views up there, then head back to Chamonix to get ready for your unique dinner: a forest fondue! A short hike in snowshoes to reach your restaurant in the perfect spot for fondue and warm mulled wine. Overnight : Chamonix

What a Wonderful Winter Tale

Take the time to relish your last hours of winter sun in Chamonix as your winter adventure in the Alps draws to a close. Then head to Geneva in Switzerland. The ride is only 1 hour long, so you'll have time to stop and visit the city, perhaps even buy some Swiss chocolates! Afterward, drive to the airport where you'll return your rental car and board your flight home.


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"This winter trip in the Alps includes some unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, but don’t worry, if there’s anything you don’t fancy, just let us know and we’ll be happy to find alternatives. If you’d love to add in an extra day or two downhill or cross-country skiing, then we can help you experience the best runs that France and Italy has to offer, as we have many keen skiers in the team, with encyclopedic knowledge of all things related to winter sports. My personal favourite place in this trip is the Queyras. There are 7 main villages and each has its own unique character and architecture that you won’t find anywhere else! There are free buses between all of them so you can stay in one and enjoy skiing, snow-shoeing and of course the après-ski in another without having to drive!"

William, Local Expert



We had the most amazing trip. Everything was expertly planned by Stephen Molloy. We started planning this trip of a lifetime almost a year before.He also planned the perfect day in Chamonix for us at the start and the perfect day in Annecy at the end. All of our accommodations were great. We highly recommend using High Point Holidays and we are already planning our vacation for next year and will definitely use High Point Holidays and Stephen Molloy to make it happen.
Marlo H.


Many thanks William for carefully constructing a wonderful time in the French Alps for us. You have been caring, compassionate, creative and competent. For a group such as ours I think that the model we experienced was spot on. Day trips were great with accommodation, each being just the right level of comfort. The personalised service you offered has been extraordinary and rare and very much appreciated by all of us.
Neville O.

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