Embark on an authentic French rail adventure under our expert guidance! This journey offers a comprehensive glimpse into France's diverse and vibrant regions, catering to anyone eager to immerse themselves in its rich culture and savour its delights. It's an experience designed to captivate all your senses, blending active discovery and historical exploration—a perfect recipe tailored to pique the interests of every traveller.


Day By day

Parisian Adventure Begins

As you land in Paris, get ready for an authentic experience! Tony, our trusted chauffeur (or one of his colleagues!), will be waiting to greet you and kickstart your journey. Your cozy nest? A thoughtfully hand-picked hotel tucked away in the heart of the vibrant Marais district—the locals' favourite. This is where Parisian charm meets history, and we've got an exciting plan for you! Depending on your arrival time, join our Marais Walking Tour, a great immersion into the district's rich heritage. And why not sprinkle in a visit to the fabulous Musee Picasso? For your dining adventures, check out our detailed traveller's roadbook—we've handpicked the best spots! Overnight: Paris

Bakery Workshop & Canal Cruise

Immerse yourself in an authentic French experience with a bakery workshop. Dating back to Napoleon's era, the tradition of baking baguettes ensures you'll take a genuine step back in time! After that, hop onto a picturesque Canal Saint Martin cruise. It's not your typical tourist route; it's where the locals find their Parisian haven. The canal unveils a side of Paris that's rich in local culture and hidden gems. This adventure isn't just about sightseeing; it's a journey into the heart of Parisian life. Overnight: Paris

Giverny Discovery: Monet's House and Gardens

When discovering France, delving into its iconic artists is a must! Embark on an unforgettable journey to Giverny, a day trip with transportation from Paris, where you'll immerse yourself in the legacy of the celebrated painter Claude Monet. This picturesque village served as a source of inspiration for Monet, renowned for his masterpieces. Wander through Monet's house, meander the enchanting gardens, and marvel at the iconic water lilies, all nestled at the edge of the charming Normandy region. Monet's deep affinity with Giverny not only shaped his artistic brilliance but also turned the village into a living masterpiece, immortalized in his magnificent paintings. Overnight: Paris

Welcome to Normandy

Your journey takes an exciting turn with a train trip, just as a local would embark on!! Your trusted driver will accompany you to the station to catch a direct train to Normandy, specifically Bayeux—a town steeped in captivating history. Bayeux is renowned for its incredible Bayeux Tapestry, an extraordinary 11th-century embroidered narrative that chronicles the Norman conquest of England. Upon arrival, settle into a charming little guest house, immersing yourself in the ambiance of this historical town. Later, join a captivating walking tour of the city centre, discovering its ancient streets and soaking in the rich heritage that Bayeux has to offer. Overnight: Bayeux

Honouring History: D-Day Beaches Exploration

Your guide awaits to lead you on a heritage journey through the D-Day Beaches—a pivotal chapter in history. These beaches, like Omaha and Utah, played a significant role in the Allied invasion during World War II. Your expert guide, handpicked for their insightful knowledge, will unveil the historical significance of this site. It's important to understand this chapter in our history, not to dwell on the darkness of war, but to honour the courage and sacrifices made for freedom. As you walk along these shores, remember that it's a tribute to the resilience of those who fought for liberty. This immersive experience provides a deep understanding of the past, allowing you to reflect on the valour and bravery displayed amidst the turbulence of history. Overnight: Bayeux

On your way to Historical Tours

Leaving the historic charm of Bayeux behind, embark on a direct train journey to the enchanting Loire Valley, arriving in Tours. The Loire Valley boasts splendid “châteaux”, lush vineyards, and stunning landscapes. Upon arrival, settle into a charming hotel or perhaps a castle hotel outside the city, offering a unique taste of grandeur and history. Later, indulge in a delightful charcuterie and wine-tasting experience in the enchanting city centre. Tours is renowned for its pivotal role during the medieval period as a significant trading and cultural hub. It was also once the capital of France during the 15th and 16th centuries under the rule of King Charles VII. This historical city is often referred to as the "Garden of France" due to its abundance of parks, gardens, and beautiful green spaces that adorn the urban landscape. Overnight: Tours

Loire Valley Adventure

Prepare yourself for an active day in the Loire Valley led by Yohan, offering an invigorating biking day tour. We'll tailor your experience to your group, for example if you're travelling with children and to your interests. Explore captivating castles and/or enjoy a delightful wine tasting amidst stunning scenery. Embrace our French savoir-faire during this incredible biking adventure (e-bike options available). Discover the Loire Valley from a unique perspective, engaging in an active exploration of the region's beauty and history. Overnight: Tours

Welcome to the Capital of Gastronomy

As your first week of adventure comes to a close, embark on a train journey south to another enchanting part of France. On your way to Provence we suggest a stop in Lyon, a beautiful city, known as the French Capital of Gastronomy. Just half an hour from High Point Holidays’ base, it offers us the chance to meet you in person for a drink together! Nestle into a charming riverside hotel and immerse yourself in the essence of French cuisine. Dive into the heart of culinary excellence by joining a food tour in the Vieux Lyon. As you wander through the city's old town, unravel the fascinating tales hidden within the traboules, secret passageways that weave through Lyon's historic buildings, steeped in intriguing anecdotes and tales of bygone eras. Overnight: Lyon

Medieval Marvels

Board a direct train from Lyon to Avignon, a mere hour and a half journey, whisking you away to the enchanting Provence region! Explore the rich history of Avignon, once the ancient capital of the Popes, and marvel at the magnificent Palace of the Popes. The famous Pont Saint-Bénézet (Pont d'Avignon), initially constructed in the 12th century, served as a river crossing for pilgrims en route to Avignon Cathedral, inspiring the well-known song "Sur le Pont d'Avignon." Avignon offers an array of wonderful hotels, tailored to your travel style, ensuring a complete immersion in the historic atmosphere and maximizing your stay. Overnight: Avignon

A day in Provence

Join Sophie, our cherished guide, adored by all our clients, for a fascinating day exploring the captivating world of lavender in the heart of the Drôme Provençale. Delve into the lavender fields, admire the picturesque villages adorned with these fragrant blooms and explore their derivative products (this tour is available only from late June to late July). The lavender hues paint the landscapes, perfuming the sky and earth — a truly magnificent sight! Sophie also offers a ceramics and pottery savoir-faire tour or any other custom day in Provence tailored to your preferences. A day spent with her promises to be an absolute delight. Overnight: Avignon

Enjoy the French Riviera

Hop on a direct train to Nice, your gateway to the French Riviera — a coastal gem boasting vibrant markets, stunning beaches, and a charming old town with Mediterranean allure. Experience a local Mediterranean cooking class, crafting traditional dishes using regional ingredients. Your friendly host shares culinary secrets and insights about Nice while you relish the flavours of the region in their cozy home. Overnight: Nice

Awakening Senses in the Hinterland

On this memorable day, your guide will immerse you in the vibrant tapestry of the French Riviera, awakening all your senses on a journey inspired by the artisanal perfumers of Grasse, the unique village of Gourdon, renowned for its panoramic vistas, and the enchanting medieval village of Saint-Paul-de-Vence. Fun fact: Saint-Paul-de-Vence was a favoured haunt for artists like Marc Chagall and Pablo Picasso, attracted by its creative aura and picturesque landscapes. Overnight: Nice

À bientôt la France

On your departure day, soak in the serene beauty of the beach and take a leisurely stroll along the picturesque Promenade des Anglais for a final glimpse. Initially constructed as a luxurious walkway by the English elite in the 19th century, it now stands as a symbol of elegance and tranquillity along the vibrant azure coast. A private transfer will ensure a seamless journey to catch your flight. As you bid “adieu”, take a moment to reflect on the experiences you've savoured. Your journey has been a delightful immersion into the finest that France has to offer.


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“This trip is like your crash course in all things France! You'll get a taste of what each region has to offer. Travelling by car is an option, but trust me, France is bigger than you might think! Taking the train lets you soak in the landscapes and rest up for the best experiences. Each region is fantastic year-round, though we might tweak a few activities based on the season. This is your Ultimate French Experience!”

Sarah, Local Expert



Sarah was a fantastic planner as well as a support system for the trip. I have a "late" family. We are always running a bit behind as we are "stop and smell the roses" kinds of people. Sarah helped us make our appointments and keep all the vendors informed. That plus Jane helping us get new tickets for the train at the very last minute, were invaluable. The trip was epic. We will DEFINITELY be using High Point Holidays again.
Celestine M.


Everything went so smoothly! Fanny quickly got things right. High Point Holidays's choice of a biking company was spot-on. We highly recommend High Point Holidays & Fanny.
Tim N.

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