Embark on a Wild Scottish adventure taking in the best of Scotland's dramatic scenery, starting in Edinburgh's cultural heart and delving into the secrets of the Royal Mile. Fly to the remote Outer Hebrides, chart your path in the heart of Neolithic Orkney, and journey to Inverness, the gateway to the Highlands. Finally, celebrate Scotland's wild beauty in Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park before returning to Edinburgh or Glasgow, marking a temporary farewell to this remarkable land.


Day By day

Embrace Scotland's Cultural Capital

Your wild Scottish adventure quicks off by stepping onto the vibrant streets of Edinburgh. Here in Scotland's capital you're not just visiting another city; you're immersing yourselves in a timeless tapestry of culture, history, and charm that make up Edinburgh. Begin your journey at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, a treasure trove of contemporary art that transcends time. Here, you'll find inspiration in the creative genius of modern artists, setting the stage for a vacation filled with wonder and discovery. Overnight: Edinburgh

Secrets of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile

Greet your Edinburgh expert guide and journey through time as you traverse the historic Royal Mile. Every cobblestone, every building, whispers tales of centuries gone by. This is more than just a street; it's a living museum of Scottish history. And, as our honoured guests, you'll enjoy an exclusive visit to Edinburgh Castle, a fortress that has stood the test of time. Stepping inside its ancient walls is like stepping into the pages of Scotland's history reminding you that you're part of something greater, something timeless. Ediburgh Castle's Afternoon Tea will be the highlight of your day. Overnight: Edinburgh

Welcome to the Orkney Islands

As you bid farewell to Edinburgh and set your sights on the Orkney Islands, anticipation fills the air during the short flight. These remote isles offer a rare opportunity to connect with nature and heritage in their purest forms. The journey itself is an adventure, with the mystical landscapes of Orkney drawing closer with every passing mile. You're not just traveling; you're embarking on a quest to uncover the untamed beauty of Scotland's archipelago. Did you know that Orkney's Ring of Brodgar, a Neolithic stone circle, is older than Stonehenge and has baffled archaeologists for centuries? Overnight: Kirkwall

Heart of Neolithic

Today, you'll have the freedom to chart your own course, armed with a rental car and an insatiable sense of curiosity. The ancient lands of Neolithic Orkney hold secrets that have been whispered through the ages, from stone circles older than the pyramids to chambered tombs that echo with the voices of our ancestors. The Skara Brae village on Orkney was preserved beneath the sand for over 4,000 years. Imagine standing inside one of these ancient stone houses, where Neolithic families lived and worked, and you'll be transported back in time. Overnight: Kirkwall

Highland Wonders

Today, your journey leads you to Inverness (via a short flight), the gateway to the Highlands. It's a city nestled amid dramatic landscapes, where rolling hills meet serene lochs, and ancient castles watch over lush glens. Here, you'll pick up your rental car, to venture through this land of epic proportions. Your adventure begins with a tour of Inverness's highlights, such as the Culloden Battlefield, and Loch Ness. Overnight: Inverness

Lewis and Harris Islands Adventures

A picturesque drive through the highlands brings to the pretty port of Ullapool, from where you’ll catch a ferry to Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis and Harris. Here you’ll discover a different kind of land —one where rugged coastlines, pristine beaches, and endless horizons await. Your journey unfolds with the visit to the Harris Tweed Factory offering a glimpse into a world where tradition and craftsmanship merge to create exquisite textiles. Every thread tells a story, and you're here to be a part of it. Overnight: Stornoway

Private Exploration of Lewis and Harris

Today is all about embracing the treasures of the South of Lewis and the North Harris District. Guided by an expert, you'll uncover the hidden gems of these remote islands. You'll walk the same paths as ancient clans, stand before standing stones that have guarded these lands for millennia, and gaze upon landscapes that have inspired poets and dreamers for generations. In the village of Gearrannan, you'll discover blackhouse cottages that provide a glimpse into traditional island life. These stone homes with thatched roofs offer a window into the past, transporting you to a time when the sea and the land were at the heart and soul of island existence. Overnight: Stornoway

Island Charm

As the sun rises over the Outer Hebrides, you'll continue your odyssey with a journey to Broad Bay and the North of Lewis. The landscapes here are like no other, with dramatic cliffs, windswept beaches, and a sense of solitude that's as refreshing as it is inspiring. Each step is a journey through time and nature, reminding you that the world is vast, and you are part of its grand design. Lewis is known for its rugged coastline, and nowhere is this more evident than at the Butt of Lewis, where cliffs rise dramatically from the sea. Overnight: Stornoway

Welcome to Skye!

Leaving the Outer Hebrides behind, you'll set your sights on the Isle of Skye, a place of enchantment where rugged mountains meet crystal-clear waters. Skye welcomes you with open arms, inviting you to explore its natural wonders and immerse yourselves in its captivating beauty (not to mention fine dining, and fine hotels). It's not just an island; it's a world of breathtaking landscapes and untamed wilderness.  Overnight: Portree

Whisky Immersion at Torabhaig

This morning you have the luxury of free time on Skye, and it's an opportunity to be spontaneous, to chase your own dreams, and to wander where your heart leads (though we strongly encourage a journey to the Trotternish Peninsula). Skye offers a diverse playground, from dramatic cliffs to serene glens, and every moment spent here feels like a gift from nature herself. In the afternoon, you'll embark on a whisky immersion at Torabhaig Distillery, where the alchemy of distillation becomes a true art form. You'll savour the finest single malts and learn about the history and craftsmanship that make Scottish whisky legendary, and you might just find a new appreciation for the "water of life." Overnight: Portree

Highland Adventure

Leaving Skye behind, your journey leads you through the legendary Glen Coe, after a short ferry to Mallaig and drive to Fort William, where the dramatic landscapes of the Highlands reach their peak. In the afternoon, we'll arrange a hike led by a local guide, David. Glen Coe earned the moniker "Glen of Weeping" due to its tragic history of clan warfare. While hiking through this stunning terrain, you'll contemplate the resilience of the Scottish people and the enduring beauty that emerges from even the darkest moments. Overnight: Glen Coe

Natural Wonders before Edinburgh

As your adventure nears its end, you'll explore the majesty of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park. Here, nature's wonders are on full display, from pristine waters to towering peaks. It's a symphony of the senses, a celebration of Scotland's wild beauty, and a fitting finale to your journey through this remarkable land. There’s a great walk to Conic Hill on the southeastern edge of the lake. As you stand above its shores, you'll understand why it has been a muse for artists throughout the centuries, and you might even be moved to pen your own verses. Overnight: Glen Coe

Highland Echoes

After this journey, you'll find yourself reconnected with nature, having gained a profound understanding of Scottish traditions and their deep-rooted origins. Scotland, with its untamed landscapes, mirrors the resilience of its people—wild, enduring, and fiercely proud. As you return to Edinburgh (or Glasgow) for departure, carry with you the spirit of this wild country, reflected in the heart of its inhabitants, leaving an indelible mark on your own adventurous spirit.


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"When you're in Edinburgh, you'll often hear people refer to the beautiful shopping street leading up to the castle as the Royal Mile. However, it's good to know that legally, no part of the street is officially named "The Royal Mile." The actual street names, running from west to east, include Castlehill, Lawnmarket, High Street, Canongate, and Abbey St! Another tip—don’t let the weather put a damper on your plans! No matter the season, it's always wise to pack excellent waterproof clothing and footwear. Embrace the outdoors despite any threats of rain. Even at the fanciest hotels, you'll notice guests arriving with dirty boots, sporting a waterproof, and wearing a contented smile!"

Stephen, Local Expert



Our Scotland trip ranked as one of the best ones we have taken. William, Stephen and the whole staff were excellent. No detail was forgotten. The excursions that High Point Holidays planned from the food tour to the distillery tour to the Skye Tour were excellent. We think that we saw a lot on our two week trip. Definitely, we will use High Point Holidays to plan another trip.
Maria & James S.


A 13 day trip around Scotland means one thing, we've got to go back for more. AMAZING. I can't say enough good things about Justine. She looked after us our whole trip. Checking on us, making changes due to our health problems. My only regret is not being able to give her a hug and say Thank You.
David L.

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