Prepare your family for an extraordinary escapade from the elegance of Parisian streets to the paradisiacal beauty of Corsica's coastline. From exploring famous landmarks to diving into crystal-clear waters, every day will be filled with exciting adventures. Imagine treasure hunts in the Louvre, baking delicious macarons, cruising to hidden islands, and discovering charming towns. A journey designed to captivate the hearts of every family member, ensuring laughter, joy, and cherished memories at every turn.


Day By day

The adventure begins

As you touch down at the airport, Tony, our reliable chauffeur, will warmly greet you, ready to whisk your family away to your chosen accommodation. Settle into your carefully selected hotel, strategically positioned for easy access to the city's heart. Get your taste buds ready for a gastronomic journey as we recommend top family restaurants or charming bistros near iconic landmarks. After this little “reconnaissance” Laurent, will take your family on a vintage car city tour: a captivating journey through time, offering a unique perspective of the city. Overnight: Paris

Louvre Adventures & Eiffel Views

Today brings new adventures! Meet Manuela, your expert guide for a thrilling Louvre treasure hunt. Discover hidden gems and stories behind artworks with her insightful guidance. As night falls, ascend the illuminated Eiffel Tower for an unforgettable view of Paris. End the day with a Trocadero picnic, embracing Parisian life. Revel in your meal with views of the prime Eiffel Tower. Don't forget to capture these moments with photos that will last a lifetime! Overnight: Paris

Trésors of Montmartre

Brace for adventure in Montmartre, a historic neighbourhood bursting with history and charm. As you traverse cobblestone paths, Manuela's enchanting tales of the past will guide your way. Discover hidden "trésors" and artistic nooks that ignite your family's curiosity. After the “Sacré-Coeur” Basilica’s exploration, roll up your sleeves and immerse yourselves in the art of French pastry for a unique macaron cooking class, a true "patisserie" adventure. Roll. Blend, craft, and finesse delicate techniques to create mouthwatering macarons that'll leave your family in awe. Overnight: Paris

On your way to your Corsican Dream

Begin the day with a swift flight from Paris to Ajaccio (less than 2 hours!) followed by a picturesque drive to Bonifacio, a town brimming with history and allure. Perched by the coast, Bonifacio invites you to wander its streets and absorb the Mediterranean vistas. Welcome to Corsica, our very own “Ile de Beauté”. Overnight: Bonifacio

Lavezzi Islands' Day Cruise

Set sail on a thrilling day cruise to the Lavezzi Islands, a little “Paradis” where adventure awaits. Imagine diving into clear blue waters and snorkelling like real explorers. Anchor at beautiful coves and beaches for swimming and sandcastle fun. Capture the magic of your family's laughter and splashes. Picnic on the deck with stunning island views, and make sure to capture every grin and jump. Overnight: Bonifacio

Scenic Road Trip to Ajaccio

Today's adventure leads you to the enchanting town of Ajaccio, via a picturesque drive with each vista offering panoramic views that seem straight out of a dream. Imagine the wind in your hair and laughter echoing in the car with the azure Mediterranean Sea on one side and beautiful mountains on the other. Stop off at the stunning Roccapina Beach, before a delightful pause in Sartène. Explore the charming town and its surroundings, savouring local delights at quaint cafes. Overnight: Ajaccio

From the streets of Ajaccio to the majesty of the Calanques

Immerse yourselves in the Corsican atmosphere while exploring Ajaccio. Pick some delicacies at the Mercatu d’Aiacciu (local market), stroll along charming streets, and visit the Maison Bonaparte for a touch of history. Later, you’ll be welcomed by the Captain on a Calanques de Piana Cruise. The Calanques de Piana are striking red rock formations along Corsica's coast, a UNESCO World Heritage site famous for their dramatic beauty and clear waters. Overnight: Ajaccio

Iles Sanguinaires

The Îles Sanguinaires, also known as the 'Bloody Islands', are a small archipelago located near Ajaccio. At sunset, the islands' rocks and cliffs exhibit a reddish hue, creating a striking and picturesque scene. Start your day with an exploration of these enchanting islands. Guided by Agnès, embark on an easy hike to discover this group of stunning rocky islands celebrated for their captivating natural beauty and abundant marine life.  Overnight: Ajaccio

Au revoir Paradise

Your journey takes to the skies. Whether you choose a final night in Paris or an international flight home, you will say “Au revoir” to France, carrying cherished memories of exploring its diverse facets from the iconic urban landscape of Paris to the serene island beauty of Corsica.


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“I would say that the best time to dive into the sea magic is from May to early October! Having a rental car in Corsica will make your adventure even smoother. Aim for a minimum of 8 days, but honestly, consider extending it with some laid-back days to soak in the sun and embrace the waves. And if you're up for more excitement, don't miss the chance to experience canyoning in the stunning Aiguilles de Bavella. Perfect for all the family, especially kids! Snorkeling, swimming, and soaking in French culture, art, and history in Paris. What a perfect family adventure!”

Sarah, Local Expert



Thank you so much for helping organize our adventure !
Bruce M.


We especially loved the experiences where we felt we got to meet someone local and hear about their way of life. We had a small and unique experience with Noemie and her macaroon class, the tour around Montmartre and on the boat in Corsica. The 3 hotels that you chose were all amazing – we all agreed that any trip we go on, we want you to pick where we stay. Overall, we had the best time and can't thank you enough for all of your help! We have a list of things we want to do next time we go to Paris and we may ask for your help again :)
Stacey T.

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