Designed for couples, friends, and families seeking cultural exploration and natural beauty, this trip offers an ideal blend. Starting in Paris, a city brimming with hidden treasures, the journey continues through Lyon's culinary wonders. Then, a stop in Annecy, the 'Pearl of the French Alps,' precedes the breathtaking landscapes of Chamonix. Balancing urban discovery with serene nature, the itinerary caters to all tastes, concluding with the vineyards of Provence and the allure of the French Riviera.


Day By day

Bienvenue à Paris

Arriving in a new city often calls for a relaxed start to recharge after your travels. Take some time to wander and unwind in your centrally located boutique hotel. When you're ready to dive into the city's charm, consider beginning with a sunset cruise along the Seine River—a perfect introduction to France. Picture music, aperitifs, and the Eiffel Tower illuminating the sky at dusk. It's a serene and enchanting way to kick off your adventure in this beautiful city. Overnight: Paris

Parisian Must Sees

Meet Teo, our exceptional guide at the Louvre, who will ensure an unforgettable experience. His engaging narrative style will bring the art to life, allowing you to appreciate the essence of each painting and sculpture — a truly rewarding and enlightening experience. Just a stone's throw away from the Louvre is the Musée d'Orsay. For art enthusiasts, why not indulge in visits to both museums? Comparing and contrasting these renowned institutions will grant you invaluable insights to share with your loved ones back home. Make sure not to overlook the charm of Montmartre district — a vibrant hub of creativity. Explore its quaint restaurants and don't miss the breathtaking view of Paris from the Sacré-Cœur basilica. Overnight: Paris

Royal Day

Today you’ll discover Versailles in a unique way—by bike. Cycling allows you to explore more of the magnificent gardens and have more time to peruse the historical treasures of this iconic palace. While pedalling, immerse yourself in the essence of French garden design, as historic landmarks, fountains, and sculptures reveal their stories before your eyes. Cap off your day in Paris with a visit to the summit of the Eiffel Tower, boasting unparalleled views of the city. For those seeking refinement, the Tower's restaurants offer exquisite dining experiences set against the breathtaking Parisian skyline, a perfect end to a day of wonders. Overnight: Paris

On your way to the capital of gastronomy

Today, you're embarking on a journey from Paris to Lyon, revealing the heart of France—a mere 2-hour direct train ride! Upon arriving in Lyon, relax in your charming accommodation. As night descends, meander through the ancient streets, culminating with a delectable meal at a local 'bouchon lyonnais,' famed for its rich flavours and reasonable prices. Overnight: Lyon

Red gold conquest

Dive into the historic wine region of Beaujolais just north of Lyon. This serene area, reminiscent of Tuscany, features picturesque hillside villages evoking a tranquil, bygone era. Discover the southern Beaujolais territory renowned for its Beaujolais Nouveau wine and the distinctive golden stones adorning its hamlets. Accompanied by your expert guide, Mark, immerse yourself in the region's beauty as you wander through its idyllic settings. Gain insights into winemaking and engage with a local vintner for a curated tasting session, experiencing the area's wines firsthand. Overnight: Lyon

The Venice of the Alps

Prepare for a complete change of scenery as you embark on a two-hour drive to the serene Alpine mountains, arriving in Annecy. This picturesque town boasts a pristine lake mirroring the majestic mountains and a delightful old town laced with canals, seamlessly blending natural beauty with historical charm. Often referred to as the 'Venice of the Alps,' Annecy offers breathtaking vistas and timeless architectural marvels. Upon arrival, step onto a private boat for a captivating journey across the lake. As night falls, wander through the narrow streets of the Old Town and indulge in the region's signature dish, la fondue. Overnight: Annecy

From Annecy's Charm to Chamonix's Heights

From Annecy you’ll drive deeper into the heart of the Alps through lush landscapes and towering mountains to reach Chamonix, a playground for walkers, mountaineers and lovers of high mountain scenery. Enter the realm of Alpine wonder by taking the 20-minute cable car ascent to the Aiguille du Midi. For more than six decades, the Aiguille du Midi in Chamonix has welcomed travelleres to its stunning viewpoint at over 3800 metres. From the observation platform you’ll have breathtaking vistas of Mont Blanc the highest mountain in western Europe, as well as a host of other famous peaks in the French, Swiss and Italian Alps. Conclude the day with a serene spa evening at your hotel. Overnight: Chamonix

Provencal charms and gastronomy

Has this immersion in nature refreshed you enough to continue our journey? Let's head southwards to Provence, where the landscape is adorned with picturesque lavender fields. In Avignon, participate in a walking food tour to discover Provencal delights and explore the town's rich history marked by the residency of the pope for much of the 14th century. Relax, observe the world passing by, savour a glass of local rosé, and embrace the timeless charm that defines Avignon. Overnight: Avignon

A Sunset Affair on La Croisette

Arriving in the French Riviera feels like stepping into a sun-kissed dream. The gentle hum of the Mediterranean, combined with the radiant glow of the Côte d'Azur, creates an almost palpable atmosphere of excitement and luxury in the air. As the sun begins its descent, casting the azure waters in hues of gold and amber, you embark on a sunset boat tour, with the iconic La Croisette coastline as your backdrop. Overnight: Cannes

Monaco and Eze's Contrasting Beauty

Today, visit opulent Monaco and as a contrast the charming, quaint, cliff-perched village of Eze. After exploring these jewels of the French Riviera, unwind with a sunset dinner on the sandy beach of Cannes. Feel the sand beneath your feet as you indulge in a delicious meal and enjoy fine wine along the stunning 'corniche'. Overnight: Cannes

Au revoir la France

Remember, it's just 'au revoir,' not 'adieu.' France will always welcome your return with open arms. Cherish the memories from this unforgettable trip and have a safe journey back home! Perhaps spend some time at one of Cannes' famous beach clubs before returning home. Feel enriched with memories after this vibrant exploration of France.


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“I'd really suggest taking this trip by train and transfers, but renting a car works too! It's such an amazing adventure because you'll soak up the culture and take-in museums in Lyon or Paris, then dive into wild landscapes like the Alps, before ending with some sun-soaked beach moments. It's like having four vacations rolled into one! And if you're more of a chilled traveller, we can change it to suit the rhythm you’re looking for. Spend more time in the places you love and skip some stops along the way, no problem!”

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We had such a wonderful and effortless trip with High Point Holidays! All our accommodations, transportation, excursions, and recommendations were perfectly tailored to our interests and preferences. Our local expert found hotels and tours we likely would not have found or even thought of on our own. Instructions on how to get to each place, such as from our airport terminal to the train, were so specific and included pictures with each step- so incredibly helpful and stress-reducing! And the 24-hour support lets us relax and enjoy the journey. Will definitely be using High Point Holidays in the future!
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We had the most amazing trip of the French Riviera thanks to High Point Holidays team and especially Sarah. Everything from hotel bookings, to car rental, 5-6 trips to various historic locations, food/walking tours, winery/olive oil tasting and tips and adivce were planned flawlessly. Most importantly, Sarah kept helping us with adjustments to the trip based on changes in weather (rain/wind) etc. so were able to enjoy every single day. The choice of hotel locations was very thoughful and we were always close to transportation and food. the plan included driving directions, local events (like Christmas markets etc) - it just made our trip hassle free and truly memorable!
Dhritiman D.

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