Meet Emily: our active holidays planner

HPH News - 17/06/2024

Posted by Sarah, 19th June 2024

Introducing Emily, who was born in Northern Ireland before moving to Scotland at the age of 12. She is passionate about the outdoors and loves exploring new places and enjoying the natural landscapes around her. She went to Edinburgh University, where she fell in love with the Scottish capital, so much so that she says it’s one of her favourite places in the world. She now spends much of her time in the French Alps, exploring the mountains, but Scotland still has her heart. She always wanted to be a wedding planner, but following the pandemic, she switched plans, instead putting all her energy into crafting tailor-made trips in Scotalnd and Ireland.

Her last trip

Her last trip was to the Lake District, where she stayed just outside Windermere with family who live nearby. It was a very sunny weekend in May and the surrounding fells (the hills in the Lake District) were at their most beautiful.

Her dream destination

She would love to ski in Japan. It is supposed to have fantastic powder snow. Plus, as you can imagine, the food is amazing. In the UK, she would love to go for another road trip in the Scottish Highlands – there is always more to see, and it is often very quiet.

A memorable experience

When she was in Braemar, the village that’s home to Balmoral Castle – summer residence of the Royal Family – King Charles drove past us in his Range Rover! She says that you can often see members of the Royal staff or even family members themselves when staying in the area!

Emily's favourite off the beaten path in Ireland

Ireland has fantastic off the beaten path areas! She really recommends that people visit Country Connemara and Donegal Town. Often people forget about these places that sit just north of Galway, but they are so wonderfully rugged and beautiful, with stunning windy roads and such friendly people. Donegal town sell Donegal Jumpers made of local sheep wool too – it will keep you warm in winter and never wear out!