Prepare for a journey through history as you explore the majestic landscapes and regal heritage across France, Spain, and England. In France, savor gourmet delights while tracing the footsteps of French monarchs. Dive into the vibrant streets of Spain, where the allure of flamenco dancing resonates amidst the backdrop of the Sagrada Familia. Finally, in England, start the day with a hearty English breakfast before discovering iconic landmarks like Buckingham Palace – a cultural trip fit for royalty!


Day By day

Let the Royal Adventure begin

Welcome to England for the start of your unique Royal European city break! Settle into your hotel and then delve into London's rich history deeply entwined with England's royal family. Explore the streets of this ancient city and appreciate the special connection between the English people and their monarchy. The rich royal heritage of London is evident all over the city and showcased through landmarks, traditions, and centuries of regal influence. But on your first day, it’s London’s city life you’ll experience as you explore Covent Garden, one of the liveliest places in London, where you will find incredible restaurants, chic boutiques and some of the most entertaining buskers in all of England. In the evening, make your way to Soho where you can walk around the bustling streets, enjoy a fantastic meal, and then catch the latest show in the West End. Overnight: London

Majestic London

Start your day with a traditional full-English breakfast before setting off for a walking tour of London with one of our favourite guides, James. He will regale you with tales of this amazing capital whilst you explore iconic landmarks such as the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey and Big Ben. Make your way to Borough Market for lunch before strolling along the vibrant Southbank and taking in an exhibition at the Tate Modern. Wrap up the day with a magical ride on the London Eye, soaking in the city's twinkling lights at dusk. Overnight: London

In the Footsteps of the Royal Family

Your Royal European adventure continues today by watching the Changing of the Guard before visiting the regal state rooms in Buckingham Palace. From Buckingham Palace, stroll through St James Park and the Mall, and make your way to one of London’s most splendid hotels, The Savoy, to take part in the most British of traditions, afternoon tea. Finish your London stay with a visit to Notting Hill known for its charming streets, colorful houses, and the famous Portobello Road Market. Enjoy a casual dinner in one of the area’s quaint cafes or bistros. Notting Hill offers a variety of dining options, from traditional authentic British pubs to international cuisine, in a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Overnight: London

Art, Cuisine, and Romance

Enjoy breakfast in London and Lunch in Paris! Hop on an early Eurostar to France and the City of Love and soak up the amazing atmosphere of this beautiful French city. Step into the shoes of a Michelin-chef with a cooking class and discover the secrets behind the delicious flavours of butter croissants and pain au chocolat. From the kitchen to some culture – time to head to the amazing Louvre Museum. Marianna, our trusted Louvre guide will whisk you through the museum and show you the highlights of their collection before leaving you to explore on your own. In the evening, indulge in a romantic dinner aboard a famous Bateaux Mouches on the Seine, offering a perfect river escape with beautiful views of the twinkling lights of Paris. Overnight: Paris

Royal Day at Versailles

Your royal city break continues by exploring the opulent palace of Versailles. Manuela, your guide, will meet you at your hotel and regale you with stories of French history as you make the train journey to the palace. Versailles is breathtaking and stands as an iconic symbol of France’s monarchy at the pinnacle of its power. Manuela’s stories make the palace come alive as you learn about the intricate details of its construction under the reign of King Louis XIV and the lives of the royals who once inhabited its palatial walls. Return to Paris for a traditional French meal. Overnight: Paris

The Bohemian Artists' Quarter

Start your day with a visit to Montmartre, the artists' quarter of Paris renowned for the majestic Basilica of the Sacré-Cœur. Explore the winding alleyways with your expert tour guide (who also happens to be a wine enthusiast!) and get into the heart of this enchanting neighbourhood. Admire the panoramic view of Paris from the steps of the Sacre Coeur then go on a guided gastonomy tour for lunch, relishing French specialties from sweet to savoury treats, as you explore Paris. In the afternoon, head to the Arc de Triomphe, another renowned spot offering a stunning view of Paris. Overnight: Paris

From Royalty to Rhythm

Willing to see more of the French castles and former royal places? Why not combine this trip to our "French Royal Journey Through History & Wine"? Otherwise, your royal city break continues with a flight from Paris to Barcelona in Spain which takes just two hours, giving you ample time to start exploring Barcelona! Barcelona holds significant historical importance in Spain's monarchy, notably due to its ties with the Kingdom of Aragon, a pivotal entity in the formation of modern Spain. Dive into the Gothic Quarter, exploring its essence and captivating architecture. In the evening, delight in a Flamenco spectacle—a vibrant Spanish dance expressing sensuality and rhythm—accompanied by delectable tapas, a traditional culinary delight. Overnight: Barcelona

Culinary and Coastal Escapade

Head to La Boqueria, the vibrant market of La Rambla, the ideal place to have lunch. You can enjoy a variety of fresh local foods, from seafood and tapas to fruits and sweets. Spend your afternoon at one of Barcelona's beautiful beaches. Barceloneta Beach is the most famous and offers a lively atmosphere. During the evening, take the time to explore the El Born district. This area is known for its fashionable boutiques, artisan shops, and trendy bars. End your day with a visit to the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc. The spectacular fountain light show, set to music, is a memorable experience and a perfect way to conclude your day in Barcelona. Overnight: Barcelona

Immerse yourself in the Spanish culture

Start the day in the best possible way, having breakfast overlooking Barcelona Cathedral. Juan, your expert guide, will pick you up at your hotel to show you the wonders of Barcelona, starting from the magnificent Sagrada Familia. Walk along the famous Ramblas, the commercial street, and explore the places associated with Dali, from Casa Batlló to Park Güell. Admire the architecture of this splendid city and the unparalleled artistry of Dali. Stroll into Barceloneta and enjoy a traditional Spanish dinner with tortilla de patatas, paella, and sangria, immersing yourself in the vibrant Spanish movida. Overnight: Barcelona

A Royal Farewell

As your royal adventure through Europe comes to an end, reflect upon the rich royal history that links London, Paris and Barcelona. Each city intricately threads its own historical significance into the vast fabric of European monarchies. Paris whispers of opulence at Versailles, London reverberates with tales of British royalty, and Barcelona echoes the legacy of Aragonese monarchs. This royal exploration unveils but a fragment of Europe's rich royal heritage, inviting you to delve deeper next time into the intricate history that shaped the continent. And why not continue your journey in Brussels or Amsterdam with our trips "Paris & Brussels in Winter" or "A Tale of Three Great European Cities".


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“Travelling to three large European cities in a few days might seem stressful, but it's not when we organise it all from A to Z. Consider how many things you'll see and how quickly you'll get to know the best of these three incredible cities. For me, it's the best way to travel—full of adventure and discovery. The food, the culture, and the people will be part of this wonderful journey! In London, don’t miss strolling in several neighborhoods; each of them offers something different. In Paris, fashion and gastronomy enthusiasts will undoubtedly be delighted, but don't stick to the touristy places! If you want to eat like the French, there's nothing better than a snack bought in a bakery or dining on the terrace of a “café”. And in Barcelona, La Pedrera, the building conceived by Gaudi, is a must; it's so different from all other architectural designs you have ever seen, and the best part is being able to visit the flats he created!”

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When I started to plan a trip for me and my fiancé to Europe, the thought was so daunting, however, Stephen and William at High Point Holidays made the whole experience so easy and stress free!! Stephen worked with me to tailor make the trip to suit me and my fiancé's interests, and we had an absolute blast on all of the tours and events that he planned for us. He made sure we got to see all of the highlights and major attractions in each city and we couldn’t have been more happy with our experience. Stephen and two of his associates at High Point Holidays were also available the entire time I was in Europe to answer any questions and help me with any issues I had. I would definitely recommend High Point Holidays to anyone planning a big trip for the first time as it truly was a great experience.
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