Slovenia is located between the Mediterranean Coast and the Alpine chain and has borders with Italy, Austria, Coatia and Hungary. Its capital, located centrally is Ljubljana and has a population of about one quarter of a million. The country is mainly mountainous and has a relatively small and dispersed population. As well as Ljubljana, Slovenia is best known for the beautiful Julian Alps and the picture postcard Lake Bled.

Slovenia has great biological diversity thanks to its forests which cover over half of the territory, its dense river network, and significant karst underground watercourses, as well as a mountainous terrain, largely unspoilt by modern development.

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Triglav National Park: Bled - Bohinj

walking grade moderate to challenging holiday France+

INDEPENDENT WALKING HOLIDAY - 7 nights - £770/€810 - 6 days walking between guest houses and 3 circular walks

Walking holiday from the Karavanke mountains to the Julian Alps via the beautiful Lakes Bled & Bohinj. Discover Slovenia's varied and dramatic landscapes in the Triglav National Park. This self-guided walking holiday in Slovenia, Europe is a mixture of circular trails and walks between guest houses. Explore some wonderful scenery in northern Slovenia and immerse yourself in Slovenia's traditions and cultures.

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Slovenian Explorer: Mountains to the Med

moderate walking grade grazalema park spain+

INDEPENDENT WALKING HOLIDAY - 7 nights - from £735/€770 - 6 days walking. Circular walks from several centres

This multi-centre based independent walking holiday will allow you to explore many of the must-see sights of Slovenia in one holiday including Triglav National Park, Lake Bled, amazing caves and gorges, historic towns and its Mediterranean coast. For this holiday you will need your own car to drive between the different locations.

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