Self Guided Walking Notes & Maps

Our independent walking holidays are suited to people who wish to walk by themselves and have a degree of flexibility and independence that is not possible on a group holiday. You walk at your own pace, planning the day around your own interests.

To accompany our self guided walking holidays we have created comprehensive walking notes which provide detailed route descriptions and maps to ensure that you follow the self-guided circuit in safety and so that you don’t have to worry about finding your way. In addition the booklets provide interesting information about the local sights on route, much of which you are unlikely to find in any guide book. These are framed in different colours so as to easily distinguish them from the directional notes. In addition we provide important practical information such as local facilties and market days. Follow this link to have a look at a sample of our independent walking holiday notes.

Each day's walk is accompanied by a sketch map, which, along with the notes should permit you to find your way. However, you have also been supplied with the 1:25,000 walking map. This detailed map will be invaluable if you become lost. It is a good idea at the start of each day to look at the sketch maps and with your finger try to trace your day’s route on the walking map. This will ensure that you are familiar with your intended route.

The numbers on the sketch maps refer to the numbers in the description notes. Usually these are located at junctions in the path, changes in direction, break stops or other key reference points. Spot heights on the 1:25,000 walking map are noted in the text.

An approximate time is presented at the start of each walk. These timings correspond to the average walking pace of a reasonably fit person but this is approximate as everyone has a different rhythm. As a rough guide, you can expect to walk 3km in one hour if there are no excessive gradients. The grids on your 1:25,000 map equate to 1km, which is about 20 minutes walking. The timings do not include the time taken for extended rests or lunch stops. Further information about French walking maps.

The amount of ascent and descent has been included at the start of each day’s walk description. Extra altitude equals extra walking time which has been taken into account in the timings. However, ascents can tire you rapidly, especially if you are not used to it, so that your walking pace is slowed.

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