Know the Local Weather Conditions & The Factors Which Will Influence When to Take Your Holiday

Choose your walking holiday destination and dates depending on the weather you could expect

It seems like an obvious thing to do, but it's a good idea to find out the average weather conditions that take into account the exact time and location of your walking holiday in France, Spain, England or Morocco. This is why High Point Holidays is creating specific pages to accompany their guided walking holidays and independent walking tours to provide specific information about the weather in these locations.

Our guided French walking holidays tend to be at times that are optimum for the local conditions. For example, our guided walking breaks in the French Alps, coincide with the melt of the winter snows. If you are interested in alpine flowers then it's better to choose an alpine walking holiday in areas such as the Queyras in late June and July rather than early September. Another example is our guided holiday in the Baronnies of Provence which is timed to coincide with the start of the Lavender coming into flower and to avoid the months of July and August which are too warm for walking in southern France.

Similarly some of our independent walking holidays are not available at certain times of the year to avoid weather conditions that are not great for walking or trekking. Our holidays on the Mediterranean coast of France and Spain are not available in July and August as it is too hot and the regions become too crowded. French regions further north are too cold during the winter months.

Many of our guided walking holidays and independent walking holidays have links to specific pages where you can find out more about the average weather conditions. For example if you go to our beaujolais vintage wine trails holiday, under the tab - walks and region, you'll find a link to a page about the weather in the Beaujolais. In areas such as the Beaujolais, Burgundy and Alsace where much of the countryside is covered in vines, the risk of cooler and wetter weather in October should be set against the fabulous autumnal colours. We are also introducing country guides, such as the one for France weather with links to our various weather pages.


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