Lightweight Waterproofs

Essential information for your walking holiday in France or the UK

If you are looking for a waterproof for a walking trip where, let’s be honest, you hope not to have to wear it, for the vast majority of our walking holidays it needs to be lightweight as it may spend most of your journey in your rucksack. But when it is needed, it still needs to do the job you brought it along for.
So what should you look for?..


Still important whatever time of year. Obviously, make sure it covers your head!  It should swivel when you turn your head and if you’re walking somewhere windy, like the coast, it may be worth considering a waterproof with a wired or stiffened peak.

Collar, Cuffs and Hem

The collar needs to be reasonably snug but also high enough to protect your face a little in the worst of weathers. Cuffs and hems should be adjustable or at least elasticated.      


If you’re covering a lot of ground or altitude, like on our trekking holidays in the French Alps, then some ventilation can be helpful. Pitzips and mesh lined pockets are the kind of features to look out for.  

Main Zip

Zips should have a storm flap. This is a piece of fabric behind or in front of the zip which helps to direct any water away from the wearer.


Not an essential, but handy for storing gloves or hat rather than putting them away in the rucksack. Make sure they meet your needs and that they are easily accessible with whatever else you may be wearing, such as a rucksack.

The Fit

Don’t forget that it needs to be big enough to go over a couple of layers, but still needs to be a snug fit. When trying it on for size, don’t forget to stretch and bend to check that it doesn’t ride up at the hems and cuffs.

Last but not least... The Fabric

It needs to be waterproof, breathable and light. Most manufacturers use a 3 layer fabric comprising a breathable, waterproof membrane between a face fabric and backer. Some use a 2.5 layer, where the backer is replaced by a coating. If the fabric is totally waterproof all the seams should be taped.

High Point Holidays provides all customers on its walking holidays with a kit list. Our website also has other articles providing useful information and tips about walking, to help you make the most of your holiday.

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