Holiday Advice for your Walking and Cycling Trips

Below you can access a series of useful articles designed to give you basic advice and information to stay safe and happy on your walking trips and cycling holidays

They have been divided into a number of categories:

Safety Advice
Navigation and Map Reading
Clothing and Equipment
General Advice

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Safety Advice for Walkers

Preparing for your walking holidays, how to anticipate and cope with different weather conditions, what to do in an emergency, and much more.


  1. Staying Safe When Walking the Coast Paths
  2. Sun Protection
  3. Anticipate the Weather
  4. Be Prepared for your Walking Trip
  5. Important Items for Your Rucksack
  6. What to do in an Emergency
  7. Effects of High Altitude
  8. What is Vertigo and how to Control it?
  9. Staying Safe on the Roads in France

Navigation & Map Reading Skills

All you need to know to find your way: reading contours, using a compass, GPS, grid references, map features etc


  1. About French IGN Walking Maps
  2. Walking with GPS Devices
  3. Reading Contours

Clothing and Equipment

Advice for walkers and trekkers about the vast array of walking gear and accessories including information on choosing the right gear, looking after it and how to use it correctly.

  1. Choosing Walking Boots
  2. Looking After Your Walking Boots
  3. Walking Trousers
  4. Lightweight Waterproofs
  5. How to Use Walking Poles

General Advice

Varied and useful advice for walkers and trekkers when preparing a walking holiday or independent walking trip. Subjects covered include fitness and health issues, walking tips, holiday advice, respecting others and much more.


  1. Taking Care of your Feet
  2. Knowing the Local Weather Conditions
  3. Respecting the Environment
  4. What are Mountain Huts?
  5. When the Walking Gets Tough
  6. Advice on Landscape Photography for Your Holiday
  7. Walking for Charity


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