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High Point Holidays specialise in guided and independent walking holidays, mainly in France. Our holidays include accommodation, meals, guiding or detailed notes and maps. However, we are also able to offer daily guided walks in France, in several regions of France including the Beaujolais and Tarn in south west France.

Not sure which are the best walks in a particular French region; which trails are suitable for your group or family; or which are the most interesting places to visit? At High Point Holidays, we can create a guided day's walking to suit your interests and abilities. Whether its wine, historical sites, great landscapes or wildlife, we can adapt our walks to you.

Want more local information about an area you're passing through, that goes beyond what you can find in your standard guide books, then our guided walks in France are just what you're looking for. Get to see and experience on foot, the hidden delights of a French region.

We also have a number of local contacts such as wine producers and local historical societies, which means that you can benefit from visits and experiences that you may otherwise miss out on. For example, you may miss out on visiting a medieval chapel that's normally locked or visiting a vineyard where you'll get to taste the best local wines.

We also work with a large network of guest house providers in France and can offer you advice on some of the best places to stay in France for great French meals and a warm welcome. Just looking for a stopover on your way to the south coast, why not take time out and have a day's guided walking though the French hills and vineyards of Beaujolais.

Prices will depend on the number in your walking group, so please get in touch for a quote.


guided day walks France

day's guided walking in France for French experience

wine tasting in Beaujolais France on walking holiday

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