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On this page you'll find information about the average weather conditions that can be expected in the Burgundy region of France for our independent and guided walking holidays.

Our independent walking holidays start at the begining of April and it's from this month onwards that the weather starts to have a marked difference to that found in the north of France or the UK.

France has a temperate climate (although there are wide temperature differences between summer and winter) and is largely influenced by Atlantic weather systems. Southern France benefits from a warm Mediterranean climate whilst eastern France is partially influenced by a continental air mass.

The Burgundy is at the junction between these different air masses and their respective influence depends on the prevailing wind directions. The western slopes of the hills and summits receive more rainfall than the sunnier eastern slopes and valleys.

Temperatures vary with altitude and with latitude. The south of the Burgundy is slightly warmer and sunnier than the northern Burgundy by about an average of 2 degrees. The south of Burgundy has similar conditions to those found in the Beaujolais and these are detailed in the chart below. Some of the walking holidays will experience slightly cooler conditions to those detailed due to the effects of altitude. The drop in temperature is between 0.5°C and 1°C for every 100m, so that for example the temperature on the highest points of our Unspoilt Burgundy tour maybe 2-3°C cooler than those for example at Macon in the Saone Valley. The wind at altitude is not such a factor as it can be in some mountainous areas in France or the UK, apart from perhaps early or late in the season.

From April to October the Burgundy is generally warm, although it can be hot during the months of July and August. However, relative humidity is often low (except during unstable thundery weather). This means that day time temperatures for the region will rise from an average of 17 in mid April to 19 in May, 22 in June and 25 in mid summer. September is similar to June, whilst the temperatures really start to drop during the second half of October.

Rainfall becomes more and more sporadic and linked to thunderstorms as you move from spring to summer, and this continues into the Autumn. On average there is rain on one in every three days, but this is often for relatively short periods. Autumn is often characterised by warm sunny days. Sunshine totals are higher the further south you go, although they are relatively high compared to the UK. The sun's strength means that you must protect yourelf against the sun even on overcast days.

Below you'll find a graph showing the average rainfall and temperatue values for the Lyon region. This is similar to low altitude areas of the southern Burgundy.

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