Why holiday with us in the Jura?

Holidays Ideas - 18/01/2024

Posted by William, 20th February 2024


Don’t know much about the Jura? Looking for somewhere a bit different away from the crowds? This article will hopefully convince you that the Jura should be in your holiday plans. Located in Eastern France, nestled on the western edge of the Alps, the Jura is a beautiful destination all year round, and there is something for everyone to enjoy! Here are our TOP 5 reasons why you should plan a holiday in the Jura.  


1 – Waterfalls, lakes and gorges 

If you are looking to be amazed by spectacular landscapes, then the Jura is perfect for you with spectacular gorges, rolling green hills and lots of wonderful lakes and dramatic waterfalls. The most iconic waterfall is 'Les Cascades du Herisson,' spanning 3.7 kilometers in total with 7 different falls and numerous rapids, the tallest reaching almost 60m in height. Another notable waterfall is 'Cascade de Baume-les-Messieurs,' set in a wonderful gorge of the same name. They are spectacular in Spring after the snow melt, but also incredible in winter when the falls become frozen with hundreds of icicles lining the cliffs. The plateaux harbour many beautiful lakes in remote landscapes reminiscent of the Canadian north and make for great walking territory. Lake Vouglans, spanning 37km, or Lake Chalain, with its 3 beaches are also great locations for walks or to relax and sunbath. 


2 – Wildlife 

The higher altitude areas of the Jura are designated as a Regional Park and are home to a rich variety of wildlife. Numerous species are living and prospering within the Haut Jura Regional Park such as lynx, chamois, and falcons. You can observe them during your hiking or cycling adventures, but if you want a perfect experience to approach and get to know them, why not choose a naturalist guide! On our active and gastronomic signature trip, you’ll have the opportunity to spend a memorable day spotting fauna in their natural habitat. 


3 - Gastronomy 

Calling all wine and cheese enthusiasts, the Jura is a region to add to the list of your next gastronomic holidays! If you are familiar with French cheeses, you have probably already heard of Comté and Morbier; both produced in the area and the latter being one of my personal favourites! What better way to accompany your cheese than a glass of wine. The white wines are particularly good quality many produced from grape varieties only found in the Jura. However, the undoubted star of the show is the Vin Jaune or yellow wine, one of the rarest and driest wines in the world and centred around the historic hilltop village of Chateau-Chalon. It’s matured in barrels for over 6 years and is only sold if the quality is high enough!  


4 – Outdoor activities  

Another notable bonus of a holiday in the Jura is the easy access to various outdoor activities. The regional park is a veritable playground for nature sports lovers. From remarkable hikes that take you to some of the most breathtaking viewpoints of the Jura to cycling adventures in the mountains, kayaking on some of its 2,100 km of rivers, or horse riding on the bank of a lake, all of this is doable in the Jura! Every activity can be adapted to your level, from expert to kid-friendly. And of course, we are specialised in walking holidays, so why not check out our linear walk in the Jura through the wine region from Arbois to Baume-les-Messieurs. 


 5Authentic villages 

There is a little for everyone in the Jura, and if you are seeking historical places to visit, there are plenty of places that are worth exploring. The village of Baume-Les-Messieurs is a good example; this medieval gem has been elected as one of the most beautiful villages in France. One of the highlights not to miss is its abbey! Only 12 km away, nestled at the edge of a cliff, stands the picturesque village of Château Chalon. There are also plenty of other villages and hamlets which all have an architecture distinct to the Jura region of eastern France.