Learning French for your Holiday

Posted by VoulezVouloz 28th September 2012

So you’ve booked your fabulous French holiday with High Point Holidays and now you’re wondering whether you should brush up on your French language skills before you go?

Let’s face it. Knowing a bit of the local lingo is always a good idea. Not only does it give you the confidence to deal with everyday situations, but it will also ensure great service from the locals. Don’t worry about mispronunciation or the odd mistake, most French folk will just be pleased you made that extra effort.

We recommend a few quick French lessons before you go away. Even just a couple of hours of one to one French tuition (or learn with your partner/family to make it more fun) can really help.

Here are a few helpful French phrases to get you started, you can find more on the VoulezVouloz website.

La meilleure facon de voir la France est en randonnée


Walking is the best way to see France

La meilleure facon de voir la France est en vélo


Cycling is the best way to see France

J'adore faire le vélo


I love cycling

J'ai pédalé 10 kilometres aujourd'hui, alors j'ai besoin d'un verre de vin!


I cycled 10 kilometres today, and now I need a glass of wine!

se détendre


to relax

Quel beau cadre!


This is a lovely view!

J'adore le gout de ce vin


I like the taste of this wine

Celui-ci est mon vin favori


This is my favourite wine

faire un petit tour


to have a look round

faire une excursion


to go on an excursion

visiter les musées


to see the museums

When things go wrong:

le train/l'avion est arrivé en retard


the train/plane arrived late

on a raté le train/l'avion


we missed the train/plane

l'avion est parti en retard


the plane was late leaving

j'ai oublié mon passeport


I forgot my passport

on a oublié les billets d'avion


we forgot the plane tickets

on n'a pas pu trouver...


we couldn't find...

on a perdu nos valises


our luggage got lost

j'ai une crevaison


I have a puncture

j'ai mal au crul


my bottom is sore

About VoulezVouloz
VoulezVouloz offers French lessons to students aged from 5 to 95 and at all levels from beginner through to business French in Australian cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane and the Central Coast. Whatever your location, call 0448 271 392 and we’ll send a tutor out to your house, workplace or favourite cafe.






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