Beaujolais - Wine growers in action


Terroirs Originels - dispelling some of the myths about Beaujolais wine

Posted by William Armstrong, 17 March 2012

Why doesn't the Beaujolais command the same respect and reverance as some of the other great wines in France? This is the question that was asked by the artisans or small-scale wine producers of "Terroirs Originels", brought together by their desire for diversity and quality in local French products. With this in mind the wine makers of the Beaujolais decided to produce a video to show off the fruits (or in this case, wine) of their labour, a wine no less worthy of respect than those of their colleagues in Bordeaux or Burgundy. The video is in French, so it will give you the chance to practice your understanding, whilst enjoying the sunshine and comaraderie of the Beaujolais vineyards.

BEAUJOLAIS - Les artisans-vignerons Terroirs Originels from TERROIRS ORIGINELS on Vimeo.

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