Weather conditions - Baronnies, Provence

What weather conditions can you expect on our guided and independent walking holidays in the secret Baronnies region of southern France?

The Baronnies is located in the northern Provence in southern France and forms part of the southern Alps. The average altitide of the area lies between 500m in the valleys and 1500m on the limestone ridges and this helps to keep temperatures cooler than they would otherwise be. Along with rest of the Provence, the Baronnies is influenced by a mediterranean climate. Summers are hot and dry, linked to the high pressure systems. Summers storms are possible, especially later in the season, whilst the more mountainous zones are influenced by colder and more unsettled weather in the winter. To compare the Baronnies to other areas take a look at our France weather page.

Our independent or self guided walking holiday - Secret Provence: Tour of the Baronnies in southern France take place from April to June and during September and October. The following average temperatures are for the town of Sault, which is the starting point for this French walking holiday. Sault lies at 760m and provides a good average for conditions during the walking tour. April daytime averages are 17°C during the day and 5°C at night. From May onwards the temperatures become much warmer and become higher than many areas in mid France, despite the relatively high altitude of this part of Alpine France. In May you can expect 21°C during the day and 8°C at night on average, whilst in June averages are 25°C by day and 13°C at night. September is slightly cooler than June during the day, but warmer at night, whilst October temperatures are similar to early May. These temperatures decline slowly with altitude.

In terms of rainfall, June is the driest month when we run our independent France walking holiday in Provence with less than 30mm. April, May, September and October have slightly more rainfall, between 40 and 50mm on average, although this is low compared to many other areas in France and Europe. In addition most of this rainfall falls in a few heavy showers equating to few days with rainfall. On average the walking holiday months have 2 days with rain per week with this reducing as the month of June progresses. Sunshine levels are relatively high and are comparable to those across the Provence or Mediterranean with 8 hours per day on average in April and September, rising to 10 hours in June. October is the least sunny of our self guided walking holiday months, partly due to the reduced day length.

The area is blessed with a delightful clear light, thanks to a relatively dry and clean atmosphere. Visibility is often superb in this part of the French Provence allowing for great panoramic views. Foggy days are rare, except on the mountains during poor conditions.

Early summer is perhaps the best time to visit the Baronnies if you are looking for warm conditions as you are more or less guaranteed good weather (although it's not as hot as in July and August) and the Lavender is starting to flower. We have chosen this period in late June for our guided walking holiday in this secret corner of France, whilst our independent walking tour is available from April to June and in September and October.

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