Walking in the Auvergne, France

A note from a customer on our guided walking holiday

Our guided walking holiday in 2008 explored both the north and south of the stunning Auvergne region of central France. We included walking days in the Puy de Dome region of volcanic cones, the Puy de Sancy range and the rugged mountains of the Cantal in the south. The trip was one of our first guided walking holidays in France. Ad from north London tells us more in response to our questions:

What did you think of the Auvergne?
We were based firstly in the north Auvergne and looking down into the bowl of an extinct volcano and watching birds of prey hunting was magical.  A highlight for me was the stunning ridge walk around Puy de Sancy and seeing amazing luminous green caterpillars. The Cantal in the South Auvergne has a much wilder feel to it, almost alpine in character.

What impressed you most about the walks?
I liked the fact that we were a small group, I felt comfortable and supported. I was one of the least fit and often at the back and so I was pleased that William had allowed some flexibility in planning the walking routes. This allowed for faster fitter walkers to still reach the peaks and achieve extra challenges if they wanted to, whilst slower people like me could have a snooze in a beautiful glade. Also I liked that most walks ended close to a bar!

Puy de dome volcano in Auvergne in central France

What did you think of the guest houses?
Staying in a B&B in Auvergne is like being invited into the family home.  The evening meals were amazing with lots of chat and great French food and wine.

Was the holiday value for money?
Yes, great value for money. Almost everything is included. The whole holiday is like a real treat with everything taken care of. I would highly recommend it.

walking on puy de sancy mountain in Auvergne France

guided French guided walking group

Auvergne Guided Walking landscape

cantal mountains in Auvergne on walking holiday

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