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Amazing Auvergne: Volcanoes, Lakes and Historic Villages

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7 nights - From £730/€820, multi-centre based, 6 day walks (requiring a car)

Discover the contrasting volcanic regions of the northern Auvergne in central France on our multi-centre independent walking holiday. The Puy de Dome landscape includes rugged peaks such as the Puy de Sancy, open moorland and perfect volcanic cones in the chain of Puys. Dramatic waterfalls, varied lakes and pretty historic villages with fine roman churches all form part of this moderate week's self-guided walking holiday. See holiday details

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Summit of Auvergne: Tour of Sancy

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5 or 6 nights - from £895/€995- 4 or 5 days independent walking between guest houses

This independent walking holiday explores the stunning Puy de Sancy mountains in northern Auvergne, France including its summit, which at 1885m is the highest in France outside the Alps & Pyrenees. Your French walking holiday takes the form of a circular tour, starting and finishing in the pretty spa town of Mont Dore, taking in the most spectacular walking trails with expansive breath-taking views. It will also explore many of the features that make up this beautiful landscape including beautiful volcanic and glacial lakes, mighty volcanic domes, dramatic rocky cliffs, secluded glacial valleys and amazing waterfalls.

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Amazing Auvergne

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7 nights - two-centre based, day walks

Discover the contrasting volcanic regions of the northern Auvergne in central France with our unque guided walking holiday. The Puy de Dome landscape varies from rugged peaks to open moorland and perfect volcanic cones. Dramatic waterfalls, varied lakes and pretty historic villages with fine roman churches all form part of this moderate week's guided walking holiday.

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The heart of southern France is made up of one vast upland region the size of Scotland, known as the Massif Central. At its core is Auvergne, where dramatic volcanic peaks dominate open plateaux and secluded valleys. Home to some of the finest mountains in France, the Auvergne offers a unique opportunity to voyage into the recent past. It also has some of the most varied walking you are likely to find, with lush green valleys sheltering beneath windswept upland ridges and peaks. There are deep gorges, dramatic ridges, moorland plateaux, volcanic domes, rocky cliffs and towers, lakes and waterfalls giving you breathtaking views in all directions. This landscape is a haven for wildlife, including birds of prey, deer, marmots and a host of wild flowers. A large proportion of this upland region has been designated a regional park.

The Auvergne is home to three distinct mountainous areas. In the north a sea of perfectly formed volcanic cones pepper this extraordinary landscape. With some volcanoes as young as 7000 years old, this geologically unique site lets you walk back in time to an era when lava and hot ash filled the skies. Find out more information about the formation of these volcanoes. The highest summit, Puy de Dome, is also the site of a Roman Temple. Its steep recognisable profile is visible from far and wide and is a favourite spot with French tourists. It now has a fernicular railway to take you to the top of its dramatic cone.

The Central Auvergne is home to some larger and slightly older volcanoes, where glacial erosion has laid bare their volcanic rocks to reveal amazing natural wonders, including strange rock towers and beautiful waterfalls. The main peak, Puy de Sancy, is also the highest point in the Massif Central, reaching 1885m (6184ft). The area also has a rich cultural and architectural legacy with picturesque villages such as Besse et Orcival. Situated at 1050m, the narrow streets of Besse are made up of remarkable houses from the 15th century, constructed from local volcanic stone, with magnificently sculpted doors, often blazoned by a coat of arms.  The area has a rich roman architecture which is second to none in France. Such variety makes for a rewarding guided and independent walking holidays.

The southern Auvergne has distinct areas. The Cantal range and Haute Loire regions are covered by separate French pages.

The Auvergne is also a fascinating region of traditions and culture, in part due to its remoteness and inaccessibility from the rest of France. They have their own language and dialects and a selection of specialist artisans, including sculptors using the local volcanic rock.

It is also an important region for cheese with numerous varieties specific to Auvergne including the Saint-nectaire and Bleu d’Auverge. Other local produce includes Auvergne ham and Green Puy lentils from the Haute Loire. Auvergne’s geographic and climatic characteristics have inspired the culinary specialities of the region. La potée auvergnate, la truffade (a typical mountain dish made from cheese, potatoes and bacon), and le pâté aux pommes de terre are some of the best examples. In Auvergne your meal naturally finishes with a selection of fine cheeses and a delicious pompe aux pommes.

Guided walking holiday: Amazing Auvergne

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