As part of our aim to provide responsible walking and cycling holidays, High Point Holidays are keen to offer our clients a real alternative to air travel to our destinations in Europe.

In addition to being better for the planet in terms of global warming, train travel also provides a relatively relaxed journey from the UK. And now that the high speed connections are finished from London right through to many parts of France, the journey times are not that different from flying when waiting times are included.

The exact figures with regards to greenhouse emissions for different forms of transport are disputed. You only have to visit a few of the websites who calculate carbon emissions and footprints to see the variations. There are of course factors that vary from journey to journey such as passenger numbers, the type of train and plane, the distance of the trip etc. In general for a trip from London to Lyon in France, the levels of CO2 emmitted are roughly five times as much for plane versus the train. A car is only competitive with a train, in terms of emissions if there are 4 people in the car (based on a medium sized car).

The train also offers a more relaxing experience than the plane, especially on the continent with efficient high speed links. No check-in desks, luggage collections, huge airports and standing in endless queues. The train offers you a journey that feels part of your trip, as you look out on the range of landscapes passing you by.

Although, we are happy for our clients to make use of the low-cost flights across Europe, we want to offer our clients, the train as a comfortable and more environmentally friendly alternative. So why not take the train (where practical) and arrive fresh and raring to go on our guided and independent walking holidays in Europe. Please consult our travel page to find out your travel options for getting to your walking holiday.

Please make use of Rail Europe's travel planner to plan your train trip



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