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Stephen Molloy

Urbanist by training, he spent most of his twenties traveling and living overseas. Bitten by the bug, he lived in Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste, California, Australia, DRC, Kenya, Pakistan...and then Europe. He's worked creating exclusive tailor made experiences in the tourism industry for 9 years.   
His last big trip: Exploring the Queyras in France with his kids.
Favorite European destinations: Lake district, Wester Ross in the Scottish Highlands, Corsica, Stockholm


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Clement Thonneau

He put one foot in tourism during a bachelor's degree in sports tourism management. Then the second one through internships and professional experiences, either in Rio (during the Olympic Games) or in Portugal as a Surfcamp assistant.
After some travelling around Australia, he launched a travel blog and went cycling through France and Southern Europe.
Lived in Spain and is now back in France to help you with your European travel wishes. favourite destination: La Rochelle!

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Celina Calais

Back-office manager with significant experience in high-end hotels in Paris. She's lived in California and has a family member who is world champion in patisserie!  



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Sarah Metrat

For 7 years , she has been sending groups and companies all over the world to live unforgettable moments. Today, she is this expertise to create perfect holidays. She loves designing authentic experiences and helping folks discover a destination in a different way, a way you will remember.

Her Favorite destination in France : Beaujolais, especially in autumn with its colourful vineyard
Her Favorite destination in Europe : United Kingdom and its one of a kind mysterious atmosphere
Her Favorite destination worldwide : Vietnam, its deep culture and history.

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Marion Passelegue

She says she was fortunate to grow up in family who treats travel as a great form of education. Since she was 7, here parents have taken her to a different country every year - discovering cities, landscapes, cultures, food. As soon as she was old enough, the urge to discover even more encouraged her to travel by herself. Volunteering in Costa Rica, studying in the United States, working as a shepherd in Patagonia, or simply visiting, she sees every occasion as an opportunity to discover more about the world.  An active traveler herself, She is specialised in outdoor holidays, most precisely hiking holidays. She's always happy to include some fun activities to your holidays in France or the United Kingdom! Marion is currently doing her mountain guide training . 

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Jane Davey

Jane grew up in the UK and developed a real passion for the great outdoors after spending her holidays travelling the UK with my parents. Her dad used to race pigeons and they would often become lost! Quite often we would travel around, retrieving her dad’s pigeons that had been found by members of the public. This inspired her to explore more remote areas of the UK.
Her heart is divided between the Peak District, Cornwall and Wales (she has been to the summit of all the Welsh 3000 ft mountains). She is a keen skier can be found on the slopes almost every weekend during the ski season.

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Eva Barisano

Our back office manager whose dreaming of her next trip to Iceland or Canada! 

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Lylouane Miroudot

Back office bookings assistant, with a passion for urban centres and niche experiences (she loves libraries) who is doing an upcoming reconnaissance of Ireland.   

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