At High Point Holidays we value each and every one of our customers but we like nothing more than customers coming back year after year because they enjoy the authentic and personalised High Point experience on our walking and cycling holidays.

We have therefore decided to reward returning customers for their loyalty. Scheme has been updated and amended Nov 2019 and the changes apply to all holidays booked for 2020 and subsequent years (terms and conditions apply). Details of the scheme are as follows:

  • A Returning Customer qualifies for a 2.5% discount on their holiday and subsequent holidays.
  • Customers on their 5th trip qualify for a 5% discount on their holiday and 2.5% on subsequent holidays.
  • Customers on their 10th trip qualify for a 5% discount on their holiday and 2.5% on all subsequent holidays.
  • Scheme only applies to selected holidays


french walking holiday Beaujolaisfrench walking holiday Auvergne


Terms & Conditions:

1. Loyalty Discounts are only applicable to holidays which have an advertised price on our website and/or brochure and which state that the discount applies. The relevant discount is applied to the standard invoice value of the tour. The scheme is retrospective and applies to all relevant holidays from 2008 onwards.
2. Tailor-made holidays do not automatically qualify for loyalty discount price reductions. These holidays will, however count towards our discount scheme providing the value of the holidays in question are greater than £750 per person. Discount does not apply to holidays where we use 3rd party local partners. Please see individual holiday web pages for more information or please contact us.
3. Loyalty Discounts are not applied to any additional pre and post tour costs, such as extra nights in guest houses, travel arrangements etc.
4. Standard Deposit payments of £150 or 150 Euros per person are always payable whether you benefit from a loyalty discount or not. 
5. Loyalty Discounts are shown as a line on the invoice and applied at final invoice stage.
6. Loyalty discounts may not be used in conjunction with other offers from High Point Holidays (such as Early bird reductions). The offer with the largest discount will apply.
7. Loyalty Discounts are offered at the discretion of High Point Holidays. High Point Holidays has the right to terminate or to change the Discount rules regulations, conditions of participation or levels, in whole or in part, at any time, with or without notice, even though these changes may affect the value of the Discount already accumulated.