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Where and when should I walk?

Our destinations are chosen for their beautiful scenery and the holidays are designed to let you discover the real identity of that region; allowing you time to appreciate its unique cuisine, architecture, history, culture, wildlife and scenery. We like to highlight each day's walking with, for example, a breathtaking vista or an architectural treasure. Each holiday description includes a bullet pointed summary of some of its highlights. Options for interest include:

Coastal - Mountains - Waterfalls and Lakes - Wine Tasting and Vines - Historic Villages - Wildlife

If you have a specific interest and not sure which walking holiday to choose please don't hesitate to give us a call to discuss or drop us an e-mail with an outline of what you're looking for.

On our website you can find information on the climate of the region you have chosen to explore, as well as some indications of ideal times of the year to visit, whether that's to see the lavender in bloom, the wine harvest or the autumn colours.

Guided or Self-Guided Walking

Do I need a Guide or can I go Independent?

If you've not been on a walking holiday before and therefore inexperienced in navigation or using maps or walking notes, then maybe a guided holiday is for you. However the decision may not be that simple. Here's some help.

Guided Walking:

Your Guide's local knowledge and experience: Your guide can make sure you make the most of your holiday. Our guided walking holidays in France are mainly led by William Armstrong, who has experience, qualifications and interests in various subjects including geography geology and the environment which can help add insights into your surroundings. And if anything were to happen, you have someone qualified in first aid and able to deal with any situation. There is always a small risk of accident and injury associated with walking even on relatively easy ground.

Bilingual Guides: If you can, for example speak a little French, you maybe more confident to try out your grasp of the language with your hosts in the knowledge that your guide can help you out. Some of the French B&B owners speak English, but having a bilingual guide can certainly help you out with communication and therefore your enjoyment of your holiday.

Small Walking Groups: Our guided walking holidays are typically made up of between 4 and 8 people. Small groups allow the guide to provide a more personalised and better quality of service. This also allows us to use smaller, more informal guest houses,which is not possible with larger groups. Group guided walking holidays are an ideal way to meet new people and make new friends and are an excellent means for single travellers to enjoy the company of like minded walkers. Please note: Our fixed date Guided Walking Holidays are generally not confirmed until the minimum number of 4 people has been reached.

Flexibility: Flexibility around local situations or circumstances, such as the weather. With a guide, they are at your disposal as a group to change itinerary where appropriate. For example if the weather was very wet and everyone agreed that they did not want to do the day's walk, they may be able to provide transport to a location to look around an abbey or castle. Your guide can also help in terms of understanding the best routes for the groups interests and abilities.

Self-Guided Walking

Independence and Flexibility: On an independent walking holiday, you're just that...Independent. We will try to accommodate whatever your group number, bearing in mind availability of accommodation. If you want to get up late, want to take a detour, it's all up to you... as long as you can get yourselves to the next B&B. Some walking holidays have several days at the same accommodation, so then it's really is up to you if one day you decide you need a break from walking and want to explore the local village or town. We also endeavour to offer flexibility into the independent walking holidays with our walking notes providing you with choices, where available. For most of our self guided walking holidays, you can start your holiday on the day of your choosing, subject to availability of course.

Maps and Personalised Walking Notes: We provide you with detailed local 1/25000 walking maps. You will also be provided with our detailed walking notes which as well as being regularly updated are personalised for each customer. The walking notes provide information you won't find in a guidebook with local sights to see, some of which require a detour and it's up to you whether you make the effort to go. They contain all the essential information you'll need to ensure a relaxed and hassle-free holiday. They include:

Walking Notes Local Interests Practical Information
Detailed Trail Description History Guest Houses
Distances Culture Emergency Contacts
Timings Architecture Doctors
Walking Grade Historic Monuments Chemists
Altitude Gains Economy Markets
Way Markings Food & Drink Post Office
Alternative Routes Wildlife Cash Points

Luggage Transfer

Whether you choose a Guided or Self Guided Walking Holiday, with the exception of any backpacking treks in the Alps, we provide a luggage transfer service. This means that you only need to carry the most essential items with you in your day rucksack, safe in the knowledge that your luggage will be ready at your next overnight stop.

Walking Grades

When choosing your walking holiday you need to consider whether the amount and difficulty of the walking is a good match to your abilities and experience. We grade all our walks from Easy to Challenging based on the daily hours walked, the amount of ascent and descent, and the type of terrain. We then give a recommendation as to the walker's experience and fitness for each grade. See Walking Grades

Other Options

Tailor-Made Independent Walking

Found an independent holiday you like the look of, but want to make it longer or shorter? No problem, let us know and we can adjust the beginning or end of your holiday and arrange another activity if you wish (such as a wine tasting course) or just allow you more time to explore the local town or village.

Tailor-Made Guided Walking

We have experience of providing for walking groups and usually cater for groups of 4 to 24 walkers. Although there are many guided walking holidays detailed on our website, if there are particular options or changes you are looking for, please contact us to discuss.

Self Catering Walking Holiday

If you have a limited budget or are a group or family that would rather be in one location for the full length of your holiday, then you could consider self catering. On our website you will find a number of self catering options in different locations. We supply you with information about the area as well as suggested walks and the you can do as much or as little walking as you wish. See more on Self Catering and holiday options.

Made to Measure Holiday

You have an idea for a holiday, but would like help organising it? We can help bring your ideas to life. Thanks to our network of specialist partners we can create a range of activity or relaxation holidays in France. Here's some suggestions:

Horse Riding in the Burgundy Hills - Thermal Spa Treatment Breaks in the Massif Central - Fishing Breaks in the Dombes - Hot Air Ballooning - Wine Tasting Courses in Burgundy, Beaujolais or the Drome.

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