Our walking and trekking holidays are categorised according to 4 different grades. Below you'll find a brief description explaining what each grade represents in terms of walking times, distance and difficulty. The holiday grade relates to the average walk or trek during the week. Holidays may include walks that are slightly harder or easier than the grade. More specific information about the walks are provided with each holiday. When the walking grade falls between these classifications a holiday may be graded at an intermediate level between the grades, for example Moderate +.



Less than 5 hours walking per day at a gentle pace with less than 400m (1300 feet) ascent/descent. Generally good paths on undulating terrain with gentle gradients.

Anybody in reasonable health should enjoy this grade of walking. No previous walking experience required.

Example: Unguided walking break in Lyon city

Grade Easy guided walking Holidays France


Average walks of between 4-6 hours, with the odd longer day and less than 700m (2400 feet) ascent/descent. Generally on good paths although there could be steeper sections with rough conditions underfoot. Distances average about 15km per day.

You should have experience of day walking, and be in reasonable health.

Example: Guided walking in the Tarn and Aveyron in south west France

Grade moderate guided and independent walking holidays France


Average walks of between 5-7 hours, with up to 1000m (3300 feet) ascent/descent in the day. Mountainous or rough paths, with some long steep sections. There could be limited back-packing, carrying overnight gear for 1 night.

You should have recent experience of day walking in hilly terrain, be surefooted and have a reasonable level of fitness. Some holidays may require a good head for heights.

Example: Guided walking in the Vanoise National Park, French Alps


Walks of between 5-9 hours, with altitude gains of over 1000m per day involving prolonged ascents/descents. Mountainous paths with sections of rough mountainous terrain and easy scrambling (using hands for stability and assistance). These holidays may be made more difficult by factors such as altitude, limited backpacking or the occasional very long day.

You should be a regular walker with mountain walking experience, with a good level of fitness and a good head for heights.

Example: Guided in Walking Toubkal, High Atlas, Morocco

grade challenging guided and independent walking holidays France

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