Cadaques - Pyrenees Coastal Trail Walking Holiday

Cadaques is a pretty fishing village in the Catalan region of Spain and is the finishing point of our independent walking holiday along the Mediterranean Coast between France and Spain

The final night's hotel on our independent walking holiday on the Catalan coast, starting at Collioure in France is at the small historic fishing village of Cadaques, with its narrow winding streets and its traditional white-washed houses. This charming Mediterranean village owes its protection from modern development to the artist Salvador Dali. The church at Cadaques, Santa Maria, built between the 17th and 19th centuries, has an exceptional baroque altar.

Cadaqués is a beautiful white-washed Mediterranean town that sits in a bay of the same name in Cap de Creus. Originally it was a small walled village on a hill overlooked by a windswept church, and its only streets were steep paved alleys winding round the hill. In the 17th Century, the town expanded out of its walls along the sides of the blue bay towards El Poal and Port Duguer.

Cadaqués in Spain has a special place in art history. Local artist Mei Fren was the first modern artist to live in Cadaqués and gave the town many of his works. Salvador Dali often visited Cadaqués in his childhood, and later kept a home in Port Lligat, a small village on a bay next to the town. Other notable artists to spend time here include Picasso, Joan Miro and Marcel Duchamp. On your final morning of our self guided walking holiday in France and Spain you'll have the chance to visit his house on your way to discovering the lovely Oliguera peninsula and its amazing rock formations, including the famous rock "Cucurucuc".

Cadaqués has always been a rugged and rocky place, not easily accessible from the rest of Catalunya, and the locals of Cadaqués became adept at seafaring. Cadaqués even has its own variant or dialect of the Catalan language, a testament to its isolated geography (Cadaqués did not have a connecting road until 1910). This local lingo is called parlat salat, which has some similarities with the Catalan spoken in the Balearic islands.

Our independent walking holiday between the Pyrenees and the Med in Europe, known as the Pyrenees Coastal Trail - crosses the beautiful Cap Creus just north of Cadaques. Cap de Creus is the easternmost point of mainland Spain. The name is given to the cape itself and the surrounding mountainous peninsula of 190 square kilometres which forms an extraordinary semi-arid landscape, in effect the last foothills of the Pyrenees before the Mediterranean Sea. Since 1998, the area has been designated a natural park and includes both an inland region of some 90 hectares and marine habitats where fishing with nets is forbidden. The coastline is dominated by rocky peninsulas and small inlets carved out by the sea.

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